Tribalism is killing black people

Tribe:  A social group comprising numerous families, clans, or generations together with slaves, dependents, or adopted strangers. A tribe is also a political division or a group of persons having a common character, occupation, or interest.  A tribe is a category of taxonomic classification ranking below a subfamily or nuclear family.
Tribalism:  The state or fact of being organized into a tribe or tribes.  The behavior and attitudes that stem from strong loyalty to one’s own tribe or social group. Tribalism is the consciousness and loyalty; especially exaltation of the tribe above other groups. It is the strong in-group loyalty.
The title of this post specifies black people…or those designated as visibly identifiable black. Not those who you have to blink more than once to figure out if they are or are not. And certainly not those who have dark skin but of a different ethnicity and phenotype…ie.. like those from the Indian sub continent. I purposely use the term black because much too many kneegrows on this side of the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans, respectively, embrace the savage’s insult, that tribalism for the most part is associated only with people being born and grew up on the Afrikan continent.
The behavior and attitudes that stem from strong loyalty to one’s own tribe or social group. 
Last week my compliment, as a member of a IFA study group, asked a generic question about the role of a Olawo. In his role as leader and guide, of those who have begun their journey into IFA, does the babalawo”s teaching and guidance ends at giving the neophyte their ikenifa. There were attempts to educate her ( even without realizing that she has done this for 20 years) on what IFA is and how the neophyte should conduct themselves and what is expected of them.  In assuming my compliment was new to the spiritual practice, the tone was one of haughtiness or condescending. Of course she didn’t see it this way, but i have a healthy sensitivity to that energy. Even in writing.  Then there were others who came on strong, seemingly offended that ANYONE would question a Olawo ( Babalawo). Despite there being mounds of evidence of certified Babalawos sharing IFA with savages and ass fuckers, who then turn around and distort the practice for their own foreign ends. Even using the secrets of working with the Orishas, the associated energies and various Egungun to harm others. As well, there are some who know enough about IFA practices to appear legitimate, but who never completed their Journey into authentic Babalawo status, but who will sell to those uneducated in the tradition, all kinds of snake oil or incomplete information, leaving them floundering around the place, looking the fool and unknowingly inviting the wrong kind of attention from the Orishas, associated energies and even their own Egungun.
Now I am in no way attempting to disparage IFA. IFA once overstood can never be knowledgeably disparaged or challenged, because IFA is not about the opinions of mortals. IFA is the overstanding of ancient Afrikan cosmology and the interaction with the heralds of Olodumare…who is the owner of the universe or the supreme deity.
A bit of extra information here:

“Olodumare was transferred into Olorun. Literal meaning: ‘owner’. The head of the Yoruban pantheon, which contains 1,700 divinities or attributes. He is Olofin-Orun, ‘lord of heaven’; also he is Olodumare, ‘almighty’ and ‘supreme’. To the Yoruba of Nigeria, Olodumare, is the discern-er of hearts—he who sees the inside and the outside of man’. Active in celestial and terrestrial affairs, Olorun is able to do all things; he is the enabler of all who achieve any ends. No one has ever seen this being who cannot be found by searching’, yet as Olodumare he is omnipotent : a mighty, eternal rock, forever constant and reliable.

Olorun created the universe, appointed night and day, arranged the seasons, and fixed the destiny of men. When ever a misfortune befalls a bad person, the Yoruba say ‘he is under the lashes of god’.

Death was his creation too. At first men did not die. They grew to an immense size, after which they shrank into feeble old people. Because there were so many of them around, men prayed to Olorun, begging him to free them from long life, and in this way the old ones died.” 

I had expressed to her what i have seen as a consistent theme with black people to behave in a tribalist manner on numerous levels and in numerous groupings that in effect obscures their stated goals of working for the over all liberation of Afrikan people from a place of servility and low class status.

We practice tribalism on reLIEgius, political, edumacational, social, financial and class groupings. Mind you, other ethnic groups have similar issues and there are many who complain and resist this strong desire to submerge themselves into tribalism.

However i have noticed those same ethnic groups always put aside their tribalism when dealing with the Afrikan and the kneegrow. Two different tribes, but seen by others as the same. Readers of my blog know who the kneegrows are. Yet its the tribalism among the Afrikans…. whether pan Afrikans, nationalist, “conscious” or whatever the latest flavor of the month is….who exhibit some of the worst of the tribalism there is.

Zimbabwe army signals split with Mugabe over firing of vice-president

Kenyan court considers petitions to nullify election win

Some of the greatest or most glaring examples of tribalism for Afrika on the continent and in the diaspora, happens when misleaders, ascend to the position of head of state. Many of them may not have been wealthy before taking the mantle of power. However, many if not all were educated in Europe or educated in a European system that, elevates white history, and white symbols of power, over any and anything Afrikan Even to the point where speaking a native language is considered unsophisticated, backwards and signs of intellectual deficiency some point in their lives. these misleaders are ensured to become wealth, either through deals made with neocolonialists or through direct oppression of the populace,

In order to maintain their hold on power, these misleaders, rely on groups with in their “tribe”..IE, political, religious, ethnic or even regional, to support them without fault. All the while fighting against those in opposition. Then there are those in opposition, who are desirous of dismantling the policies of the current misleaders, only to turn around and do to the tribe of the former leaders, like what was done to them. Sometimes the leader in power is considered a deterrent to neocolonialist march into Afrika to extract all their natural resources. Such a leader is often good for his country, but bad for  the European savages. Thus he becomes martyred like Patrice Lumumba, Thomas Sankara, Samora Machel, Robert Sobukwe, Maurice Bishop and Steve Biko. The murder of these men ( to name but a few) purposely set back the nation they ruled or influenced, several decades. In the void the imperialists placed their own puppets in the form of mobutu sese seko, blaise compaore, Joaquim Chissano,  Bernard Coard and Nelson Mandela. 

There is nothing wrong with having a “tribe” or group to associate with. Those whose worldview aligns with yours. There is something wrong though, when tribalism, results from an “us against them” mindset. The behavior ranges from intellectual snobbishness, to out-and-out generational violence, such as seen in Nigeria and what the imperialists purposely  manipulated in Rwanda. You saw it in Azania, between the Zulu and the freedom fighters, who were fighting against the pigs (Boers). You also have reLIEgious tribalism, in Islam. Purported to be a religion of peace, you have. And you now see it in amurdikkka with regional gangs, who would rather bang against each other and other black people, but would not talk tough to a race soldier or  white person who they feel have some power within the white pathology system.

Again I reiterate, other ethnic groups have their forms of tribalism, of which I care little about. Because other ethnic groups have a group think mentality when threatened from outside of their larger tribe. Black people on the other hand encourage and invite interference from outsiders, often hitching their broken down wagon to the interlopers who come among us to sow discontent. This is the main reason we constantly remain mired in the muck and mud of white pathology’s under belly. We are tribal for all the wrong reason and practice tribalism for even worse ones.


The following article is a follow-up to my post…. The gods are angry and was lifted from the blog spot  brotherpeacemaker. This for all those misguided people who feel compelled to initiate white people into our sacred space.

White People in Ifa

I had a conversation with a babalawo in the tradition that I’d like to share with you. There was a dream where a bunch of people were walking around in the olorun looking lost and trying to find their way. Everybody was wearing white t-shirts and stepping from this one particular building that looked a lot like an old office building or a high school. A lot of the people had the name of an orisa on their t-shirts. But other people had names that were not of orisa but looked like it might have been their own name and telephone number. One man in particular stepped up and their name and phone number was retained after the dream ended.

A few days passed before my curiosity got the better of me. I tried the number that was revealed in the dream. The number had an area code outside San Diego, California. The number belonged to a newly installed babalawo within the tradition. I informed the baba that his number was revealed in a dream and he suggested I see a psychiatrist for some long worded mental disorder. His theory was that his name and number was picked up subconsciously from his website (, etched into the brain, and revealed itself as part of a dream. The idea of someone having some type of supernatural perception was absurd according to this high priest of Ifa.

This was one of my earliest lessons as an iyawo in his first year. Not everyone in the tradition will be for the tradition or fully aware of the capabilities of the tradition. I ventured to this babalawo’s website to see exactly what he was about. The man was a European American. He had a photo of himself plastered on his site. He recently received his babalawo title and was promoting his services in assisting others with their pursuit of Orisa related studies. This man wanted to help others in their Orisa studies but doesn’t understand or believe in the relationship between our unconscious state and communicating with orisa or ancestors.

A lot of people have paid good money for rituals and ceremonies performed without having the heart and/or intellect necessary to fully embrace the principles of Ifa or any of the African based spiritualities. Consequently a lot of people have hijacked the tradition for their own agenda. A lot of people are incapable of believing in the importance of community and equivalence. When given the opportunity to sellout the Orissa, the ancestors, and the community many priests and priestesses are more than willing to accept the money from these European interlopers who may be incapable of truly believing and accepting the Ifa doctrine.

The European model of community is based on the hierarchy of feudalism. Members of the privileged class at the top were served by the lower classes with the serfs bringing in the rear at the very bottom of the class structure. With such an ancestry many people of European descent cannot relate to the African model of community based on a communal structure that eschews hierarchy in favor of social equality and collective property ownership. In fact, the introduction of a class system into the African psyche has met with disastrous results. With widespread poverty on the African continent many rulers of African countries live lives of royalty while the military run amok terrorizing the public.

Because of circumstances far beyond our control the blood of most African Americans includes some percentage of European contagion. Ever since black people and white people have crossed paths the people of African descent have suffered at the hands of the European. More women of African descent gave birth to children with European fathers than vice-versa.

But if a study was conducted on the behavior of most Africans in the Diaspora a professor would be hard pressed to determine the link between us and our African ancestry. In general we have abandoned our African past and all that it may contain preferring to adapt to the lifestyle of our European ancestors who rejected and subjugated us. There are some very successful examples of Africans adapting to the European concept of community and economy. However, for the most part, Africans as a group have not, will not, and can never adapt to this economic concept without completely abandoning our communal heritage.

So what makes a person predominantly of European descent and what makes a person predominantly of African descent other than the shade of their skin, the texture of their hair, and/or the width of their nose? Pretty much it’s a personal choice. A lot of people of obvious African descent choose to do their best to live as if they were European Americans although it’s pretty obvious that they are anything but. Although these people claim to be as black as the next guy they choose not to be African. They made the conscious if not informed decision to go in that direction. Good luck. But there is little doubt that they will be back. The path of the European is one of materialism and selfishness. The community isn’t something to be embraced. The community is to be used and manipulated for any and all personal gain so the individual can live on top of the herd. In essence, the good of the one always supersedes the good of the many whenever we find ourselves as the one.

But the question that begs attention is can people of European descent adapt to the African doctrine. Like the African who wants to be European it takes a seriously strong effort and serious devotion. I’m not sure how many occasions European blood has been mixed with African blood. Africans weren’t the race controlling the opportunity for sexual relations. Not as many women of European descent giving birth to children with African fathers. So there isn’t really an ancestry to help guide the European to the African theologies.

Does that mean it’s impossible? Not really. But it is highly improbable. There is such a stigma associated to white people embracing a way of life that many Africans don’t even want for themselves. The social programming has convinced the vast majority of us that it is far better to be an economically poor white person than to be a wealthy black person. So the white person who chooses this path is essentially choosing to swim against a seriously mighty current. Black people will feel that these people are trying to usurp something they don’t want and the white people will feel that these people are nigger loving nigger lovers.

To the few people of European descent who will show the courage to truly try something different that can enrich their soul and enhance their lives I will say welcome. Anything that I can do to help you in your endeavor please let me know. However, to the white people who are looking for a new fad or an opportunity to make a dollar at the expense of my heritage, I pray that the Orisas and ancestors have mercy on your soul and you learn your lesson/lessons quickly.

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