What goes around is now coming back around. And it’s spectacular! Pt. 2

This is how it has been going since the kneegrow female joined her man as she was ushered off the plantation, eventually to get infected with feminism’s superiority over their supposed complementary gender. I believe that the only reason someone becomes a cult fanatic is because they had a bit of that fanaticism in them from the beginning. The kneegrow female always resented the black male ever since chattel slavery was legislated out of that system of commerce. When “Mable” was given access to “Becky’s” house and saw how “fine” and sophisticated white people’s lives where. She then compared her life to that with the meager trappings of the lot of former the ex-slaves. This is why the kneegrow females have always complained to her man, how his lot in life was lacking in comparison to “Ken” and what he was and is able to provide to “Barbie”. I mean look at the kneegrow females today. They truly live vicariously through the image of white women and expect black men to be like white men, and see the world through blue eyes..

The latest trend of kneegrow females showing their stank attitude to her counterpart for the world to see, is on full display in these videos.

Under this video one respondent wrote this, “I find it so funny how a woman that is a successful lawyer/reporter and self made millionaire is getting backlash for saying no to dating a bus driver when she has every right to have a preference just like every one that’s saying yes to dating a bus driver. Also, nothing in that interview was said negative about a bus driver. She was asked a question and she gave an honest answer. I’m sure she has dated men that made way less than her but at 40 that’s not what she wants which is okay. As for Sherri she’s saying she would when she’s paying spousal support for her ex husband”.

May I remind you that Sherri Shepherd recently was on a public forum begging women to allow their husbands to help out single mothers. So we know Sherri Shepherd is doing this because Eboni K Williams is trending right now for the wrong reasons. And we know in this age of internet and social media, everybody and their retarded aunties love to pile on.

Chris Rock, once dropped a truth bomb on his audience when he stated that women can never go backwards in lifestyle. Apparently Eboni K Williams has or had a law degree, but todate, no one has evidence of her practicing law. And if she did, it was a short lived practice. For a majority of her public life, she has been in entertainment. First as some mi or reporter with Fox News, and then later she was given opportunities to succeed by Shaun Combs and currently Byron Allen.

The hyena pack jumped on black men as synonymous with bus drivers, when the question was about bus drivers. Not black bus drivers. There was even a white woman who calked into a show by Iyanla Vanzant, talking about black men and had to be corrected by Vanzant that the question was about bus drivers. In general. Not black bus drivers. However, like white men in amurdikkka, with black women, the narrative always turns back to black men. Even when they are out minding their god damn business.

The video below is how a defiant, stiff necked foolish, miseducated, high earning and entitled feminist, responds to criticism for their bullshit!

Keep in mind this woman called off a 4 year engagement to a White millionaire, because he chose to quarantine during the scamdemic with his adult children and not with her. Four year engagement. To a wealthy white man, who hit it and quit it. But she twists her mouth to shit on black men, whom she wouldn’t even respond to after he says good morning to her. This is a woman that literally stated she tried every dick in the circus, but be all ethical and preachy on black men’s short comings. Black men who before this week, didnt know her from a can of paint. Yep! Seen it often.

This is not the same video below with Melanie King, but an addition

Most of you may hsve hrard of the one online-dating website that asked users to answer an array of personal questions to help them ascertain how best to craft the app to make it more effective for women. Hence the reasons why men’s preferences were obscured, while any preferences of women left on the app and website.

The results were not surprising….

DATING STANDARDS FOR MEN: 6 pack, 6ft, 6 inches, 6 figures, ex thug that love Jesus, hard worker but always available, strong yet sensitive, hard yet soft, a ladies man but loyal, no kids but wants a singe mother. STANDARDS FOR WOMEN: Take me as I am….

The rests showed that for “dating” in the era of dating apps and hook up culture, none white men showed preferences for their race of women, while none white women, showed preferences to white men. One of the urban tales of the bitter kneegress and the manginas who worship them, is that white women are privileged and are the pursuit of black men. Yet almost every none white group responds more readily to white men than men from their own race. This pattern is clearer among straight none white women. According to the information garnered from the survey, white women are undeniably privileged in the amurdikkka, but they are not universally desired as white men in the dating scene.

Both heterosexual men and lesbian women from non white grouping tended to contact women who are from their own racial groupings over white women. While white men and white lesbians prefer white women over none white women. Homosexual Asian and Latino men favour white men, while homosexual kneegrows favour homosexual kneegrows. Among all racial preferences we find online dating, none is stronger than white preferences for whites. Both white men and white women actively seek each other out, reproducing intimate segregation through their exclusivity. Not saying a oreference for your own kind is a problem. But the results kills many of the lies narrated by black females and the simpanzees that drink their bath water.

The lies that black women are divesting, because “there’s no good black men available”, has also been thrown around with no context or even facts. There’s 331,900,000 people in amurdikkka, with single men of ALL RACES representing 31% of that number, which equates to approximately 102,889,000 single men. There is approximately 22 million women (21,68 million) living in the country, with 48% of black women who are never married or single, which equates to approximately 10, 560,00. Out of 102,889,000 single men and 10,560,000 single, that’s only 10.2% of the single male population. So with all the eligible black men out in the killing fields of the dating scene, why are black women married at a lower rate than black men?

If black woman can’t find what they are looking for in the black community, even though there are 556,000 black men that are married, and they cant find it at a high rate with non black men. What exactly are they complaining about again? And who exactly is the problem? In an age of large scale narcissism and entitlement, its very hard to self examine and self refelect on one’s own flaws and take acountability for them.

For every single black woman, there are 10 single men of ALL RACES. It’s only a matter of time that these men started scooping up all of these marriage material, in shape and agreeable black women. Right Eboni? How about all these other women who regurgitate the same bullshit narratives.

Black women own more business than black men.

“More than half of black business owners are men. By comparison, 55% of majority black owned business in amurdikkka, in 2020 had male owners, while 37% were owned by woman and 8% had equal male to female ownership”, in February 21, 2023. “Black women represent 42% of women owned businesses, three times their share of the female population and 36% of all Black owned employed business (Black men account for 64% of black business)”.

“According to a 2019 report commissioned by American Express, black females’ founders earn average revenue of $24,000 per firm. that equates to less than 17% of what all women owned businesses earn”.

Black women earn $24,000 average revenue according to report from http://www.blackenterprise.com. Only 3% of black women are running mature businesses. One explanation maybe the types of businesses started. Analysis shows that 61% of black women entrepreneurs start business in either retail? Wholesale or the health, education, government or social services sectors. Nineteen percent of all employer based businesses were female led, but 36% of all black owned business were headed by women over all. When comparing women owned business of all racial categories, black ( non Hispanic) women have the highest percentage of ownership compared with men in their racial category. In amurdikkklan astounding 17% of black women are in the process of starting or running new business. That’s compared to just 30% of white women and 15% of whit men. Yet despite this early lead only 3% of black women are running mature businesses. To understand why this steep drop off occurs and how to combat it. Datas were analyzed from interviews with more that 12,000 people, nearly 1,700 of whom identified as entrepreneurs and nearly 1,2000 of whom own established business. One analysis offered several possible reasons black women struggle to sustain their business. One explanation maybe the type of business started:

The e analysed data shows that 61% of black women entrepreneurs start business in either retail/wholesale or the health, education, government or social services sector, compared to the 47% of white woman and 32% of white men entrepreneurs. To the extent that these are small, informed business with low margins in crowded competitive contexts, they are more difficult to sustain over long term.

“Black women are forced to be masculine because we have to work and other women get to stay at home”. This is another false narrative pushed out by the kneegrow females and the liberal feminist mouth pieces. Nobody can force you tbe masculine. Numerous women in countries around the world are in the workforce and you can see femininity awash in these countries and business. Black women WANT to be masculine, because they are jealous of black men’s alleged advantage that frankly, is not there. Thus they strive hard to have the biggest balls on the block. Which is as distasteful as heterosexual black men competing for with them for feminine spaces.

The US department of Justice, office of Justice Programs, Bureau of Justice Statistics, put out a report on prisoners in 2021. What was presented was that there was 331.9 Million people in the USA. The total number of people in state or federal correctional facilities was at the time, 1,204,322. which is 0.36% of the US population. Of the 19.91 million black men in amurdikkka at the end of 2021, the total number of black men in state or federal correctional facilities was 364,500. The black community has so many conversations about black men in prison and not enough enough about the 98.17% that are free. That’s 1.83% of the black male population, 98.17% are free. That’s 19, 545,500 black men who are not incarcerated.

According to high degreed educated and high earning black women, black men are not on their level, due to unemployment or underemployment and low educational status which forces black women to SETTLE or date down. Lastly, there are 5556,387 more married black men than married women, even though there’s approximately 1,7770,000 more black women (21.68 million black women vs. 19.91 million black men). In 2021 the annual earnings was $50,187. The annual earnings of black women in that year was $45,543. This is a difference of $3,646. In the first quarter of 2023, black men’s median usual earnings of full-time wage and salary workers was $909 weekly, $3,636 monthly or $43,632 annually, if earnings stayed the same throughout the year. For black women, the median usual earning of full-time wage and salary workers was $862 weekly, $3,448 monthly, $41,376 annually, if earnings stayed the same throughout the year. This would be $2,256 difference between how much a black man and women would have , if the earnings stayed the same.

Who’s settling for who again? Black men make more money than black women, but if you hear these status chasing, overly registered and miseducated, under achieving straggle muppets, black men have fallen far behind them. Despite the promotion of quotas for black women, federal and state programs to boost them up above black men via business, and educational incentives.

Romanticizing the the truth

Romanticizing: To treat as idealized or heroic. Romanticize the past. 1 : to hold romantic ideas 2 : to present details, incidents, or people in a romantic way romanticization.

To romanticize people, place or things, is derives from the strong, sometimes short-lived desire to be ardently obsessed of, be involved with, fascinated by, or having excessive enthusiasm to that person, place of thing. The word romanticize or romantic, comes from the word romance. That is, the languages that developed as offspring of Latin in areas that had once been Roman provinces. The term romance originally was a type of story that was written in the Roman derived language. From whence came French, Spanish, and Italian, among other languages of the one formidable Roman empire. In the 1650s, the nature of that language was first explored in a literature. Literary romance, included the partaking of the heroic or marvelous experience. Romance ” from French romantique “pertaining to romance,” from romant “a romance,” an oblique case or variant of Old French romanz “verse narrative”. Of places, “characterized by poetic or inspiring scenery,” by 1705.

In other words the early French, or Franks told stories or poems of heroes and heroic journies in bastardized latin, no different than any other culture’s sgiry telling. As it was wont to tell by those in the know, his-story is written by the conqueror. But what if the conquered chose to write their own stories of conquest and heroic adventures? What if, to counter say the negative stories of the conquerors, the conquered chose to spice up their stories to place them as central figures in those tales?

This is the essence of story telling for all ethnic groupd and cultures. This goes up to a different level between those who had been conquered and those who were the conquerors. The conquerors go to great pain to justify and demonize the conquered and the conquered go to great pains to demonize the conquerors while romanticizing tbeir own selves and their personal stories. Smack dab in the middle lays the truth. Not only is truth irrifutable. But truth is neither right nor wrong. Good or bad. Truth cares not for your feelings. Nor does truth care for our opinions.

As child of Afuraka, I recognize the romanitizing of Afuraka takea on a different “colouring” beyond truth and into fantasy so deep that reality gets list in its telling. One example of such romanticizing, is that Afurakans never enslaved each other. Or that warfare on tribal levels, say between different tribes in th3 area called today Southern Afuraka, is more benign than tribalism between the Vikings and the Anglo Saxon. To name just two. Or the tribal conflict between tribes in pre-dynastic China, Japan or pre-unified Eastern Europeans. The nature of man and mankind is such that there is peraps six degrees of seperation between us as varied creatures of ethno-cultural behaviours.

Once we can agree that the sickness and corruption of greed, avarice, can and do result in class and tribal violence and hatred. We then can begin to overstand that romance is make believe to spread balm over the wound of insecurities and weak character. This is thw reason why women live romantic movies and novels. Of dashing heros making lustful damsels swoon in their water logged panties. Or men romanticizing heroic tales of jumping over tall men on a basjetball court to dunk a ball into a net.

Note: the great Dr. Francis Cress-Welsing had a very interesting take on those brown balls going into white nets, as an indictmen of the black male’s need to overcompensate for their meager lot in amurdikkka. Land of the trees, home of the slaves.

Not only have the so called black folks, romantacized Afuraka. They have steppes so far off the beaten path, that almost every ill Afurakan on the continent and in the diaspora, have done over the last five centuries, was due to European and Arab colonialism and race-ism. And not due to our own hubris. Our own coreuption of the spirit. Similar to the corruption of the slieit of Europeans, Asians and all those inbetween. That has caused each of these people to savage the weaker among them in each region.

Afurakans have as much greatness, beauty of spirit and corruption of the soul and society as any other ethnic groups. This has very little to do with colonialism, Imperialism or the ideology of Socialism, capitalism, religion and rac-ism. But a whole lot to do with envy, gluttony, greed or avarice, lust, pride, sloth, and wrath. The video(s) below instruct us on the dangers of romanticizing or in this case Afromanticizing of people, place or things to the detriment of our common sense and sense of righteousness. After watching these videos you should ask yourselves, what the hell are these things we hold fast to as sacred?

There are two more episodes in this series. Make sure you seek them out on YouTube.

What goes around is now coming back around. And it’s spectacular! Pt. 1

“Everything she does for you is for “HER” survival. Everything your mother does for you is for “YOUR” survival” – Mike Tyson

If we are to be honest with ourselves as supposedly intelligent people, with a modicum of humility and commonsense ( an increasingly rarity in modern times). We would have to admit that over the years/decades, numerous mothers have been proving over and over again, that THEY, dont even follow Mike Tyson’s observation.

While the media and biased INDIVIDUALS will often want to push their own anecdotes of the mother who sacrificed for their children. Because somehow they feel threatened by certain aspects of reality. This does not negate the fact that there many mothers who are selfish, narcissistic and hateful towards their children, as much as they promote the false narrative of fathers being the sole cause of the break down of modern families and relationships. In fact its a foot race to the bottom, between the mental and emotional abuses of both daughter and son by the suposedly loving mothers we seem to have a rose coloured narrative about. And while social media is currently the worst of the cults we have today, social media does give us a window into the lost souls of modern society. In fact social media is the fastest growing “RELIGION” we see today. Overtaking Islam, the former fastest growing religion, and lapping it by two furlongs.

Social media is today’s diary AND therapy space, where damaged people with self esteem issues and a scarcity mentality, live a fantasy existence that fools the delusionals, that gratuitous validation and “likes” are each the coins most important to deposit into the bank of public acceptance. Social media is a tool the corrupted and corruptable use for self esteem building.. Because the foolishness I see on social media is both alarming and sickening, yet is also a theater of the absurd for those who love to “watch the world burn”.

Social media like a Japanese Katana, a 9mm pistol or Ram truck ( built to last), are dangerous tools in the hands of the untrained and foolish. Or a valuable tool in the hands of those best equipped to handle such a dangerous tool. This is why the Socialist Peoples Republic of China, monitors and controls media platforms like tick thot, from corrupting the minds of the Chinese locals. Social media though, with the right intent and application can and does show us how the pendulum of a fallen society can and is swinging back from the far side of the theater of the absurd, to the side of maturity and commonsense.

One recent example of social media’s negative and positive effects lies in the case of 24 year old Moroccan soccer player Ashraf Hakimi, who took social media by storm recently, when he became the symbol of victory for men across the globe, who have been victimized and abused by the gynocracy that crawled out the underbelly of western cultural scum buckets and invaded the planet.

The hyenas and simpanzee manginas who worship women regardless of their ills, are perplexed at the celebratory reaction to this case. And due to this, the response from some quarters is instructive, revealing, and part of the current trend of how dare he does that to her, when “women can do no wrong and only men do wrong”. They fail to and or refuse to accept the fact that men in general have had enough of the systemic bullshit that proports to right some imaginary wrong done to women for centuries, when the gynocracy created under feminazism, cultural socialism and the “sexual revolution”, have not only stripped the authoritative responsibility of men, but put it into the untrained and “not ready for prime time” hands of modern women, who are not equipped to handle such responsibilities. But who also feel the need to destroying mens image, masculinity and presence in western and some non western societies, and in their very communities and homes, just so these feminazis can feel good about their inflated egos and entitlement. From divorce rape to child support abuse to the imbalanced dating and hookup culture, down to even the crimnal courts. Where women who do the same crime as men end up doing 1/3 of the time. Sometimes not at all. The “believe all women” is a catch all fail safe propaganda that has allowed modern women to bail from accountability and responsibility, while recieving support, validation and forgiveness from the wild hyena pack and the simpanzee manginas, deep sea trolling for vaginal approval.

One of the things I have concluded is that social media did not create any dysfunction in modern society, as much as it both highlights current dysfunctions, while also encouraging those with serious dysfunction to believe and act as if they are functionable. For instance, believe all women and women can do no wrong, is juxtaposed against the false narrative of “toxic masculinity” and “patriarchy” being the bane of modern existence. First of all masculinity is not and never was toxic, until feminanzis realize that attcking men distracts the world from the toxicity of feminism. If you actuall research the true intent of feminism, it was to eliminate families and mens authentic presence in the homes, communities and society on a whole. Feminism was about destroying men. Do saith the earliest proponents of feminism and not the creator of this blog space. In fact effeminate men, male feminists and the sexually confused or disingenious who claim to “feel like a woman”, all the whole having access to women’s safe space where they end up sexually harrassing, raping or making REAL WOMEN uncomfortable and victimized in those spaces. Those are the true toxicity in males. I refuse to call those things masculine. As for patriarchy, when the barbarians are at the gates. When society fails and power outage occurs and the purge happens, who do you think these feminists and manginas are leaning on for protection, provision and leadership? Masculinity and the alleged Patriarchy. Which is in essence men who knows their place and authority as leaders providers and protectors and not lick spittle to straggle muppets and feminazis.

However, until the barbarians do gather at the gates and until the purg comes, modern western societies will continue to demonize masculinity, while encouraging women to behave like the worst version of men. Taking on masculine persona while refusing to also accept the accountibility of a status they are not and can never be able to represent. No matter if you feel there are men who lack accountability or accept such, remember they are the worst of men. This is why you never see a butch dike dress and behave like “well behaved men”, but look and act like street thugs or violent paper soldiers.

I used the case of Ashraf Hakimi as an example of the tide turning, to illustrate the hypocrisy of the gynocracy. Because shortly after the story was in the news for a week, this female who claimed to be a lawyer ( liar) indeed posted up a YouTube continent “teaching women”, how to avoid falling into the same situation of Hakimi’s ex wife, by telling them to have a prenup, to protect THEIR asset. All the while expressing her anger that the ex wife was not able to divorce rape Ashraf Hakimi for his hard earned gains. We not even gonna talk abot her preditory behaviour of grooming a 19 year old man as a 31 year old woman. According to the gynocratic sycophants, this is not grooming. Just an older woman living her life. Yet Leonardo DiCaprio is called a predator for bedding women over twenty years old, before upgrading to a newer model after five years. Nobody call these twenty something women gold diggers. Nah! Leo is the problem in the eyes of the feminazis and gynocrats.

Now this supposed lawyer, who received her degree from the facebook and instathot academy of cock carouselology, is too stupid to overstand that many courts are already throwing out prenups, since women who signed the contract, all of a sudden claim that it was done under duress. And many men are not bugging or looking to make inroads into womens assets. WE DONT FUCKING CARE about your money. We care about your character and agreeableness. But like retarded children ( this is no disrespect to the retarded for equating them with modern straggle muppets) these strong independent, cant cook or clean to save their lives, females need the courts to hold their hands and give them half of a mans hard earned sweat equity, just becasue she gave him a once a month, used up vaginosis and starfish sex.

This is why men are cheering and celebrating Hakimi’s story. Because men are fed up, trying to be traditional while also expected to fund non traditional female avarice and accountability. I caution many men though to ensure you protect your assets in iron clad vehicle that these stragggle moppets and family courts which are really just administrative centers for procedures of equity, will find difficult to touch. Be smart with your finance and be smart in vetting a woman. Get your game up and your purpose cemented and stop falling for a pretty face and a smile. She is poison. But this is not the end of what i have to say about the level of situational occurrences in modern society. More has to be done before the pendulum swings all the way back to something more sensible and reasonable for men and society. And ultimately for those women who are solid as a rock, but dont get the shine that the straggle moppets get in this failed experiment called western gynocratic society.

Stay tuned for more!