“Propaganda is not an end in itself, but a means to an end. If the means achieves the end then the means is good………the new Ministry has no other aim than to unite the nation behind the ideal of the national revolution.”  —– Goebbels

The Ministry of Truth and population control, within the totalitarian government had unleashed its invasive surveillance and lowered its iron hammer on the populace in the most frightful of ways. As a Fascist state it was evident that the ruling elite were absolute before which individuals and groups were all relative.

Politically, to the Fascists, democracy could only lead to “inefficiency and corrupt governance”; and so the whole parliamentary system must be discarded. For the strength of the nation, it should be ruled by well-disciplined elite, which, under the guidance of an inspired and unquestioned leader, would restore order and stability for the nation and lead it forward to greatness. To the totalitarian state control labour and capital must work together under the direction of the state.

Like jackals descending on its unwitting prey the government shock troops alight on the frightened and huddled group enforcing its program of forced medical experiment and incarceration.

You may think this is some Sci-Fi nightmarish tale of population control or third world dictatorship running amok, but you can’t be farther from the truth. We here in the land of the West (west of civilization and common sense) are now experiencing the fruition of the prescience of George Orwell, Isaac Asimov and Gene Rodenberry, to name a few. Science fiction is now a factual in more ways than the population can hope to ever know. 

Recently the State of Maryland followed up its threats against parents who refuse to have their children vaccinated, when the children were herded into a Price George County courthouse that were being guarded by armed personnel with attack dogs. Inside, the children were forcibly vaccinated, most against their will, under orders from the State Attorney General, various State Judges and the local School Board Director, all of whom illegally conspired to threaten parents with imprisonment if they did not submit their children to vaccinations. 

By stripping parents of any right to decide how they wish to protect their own children from infectious disease  and through forced vaccination, the State of Maryland has entered a neo Gestapo era with this tactics of forcibly bending the will of the People to conform to the will of the elite. The state government – of course with the tacit approval of King George and the Roman parliament- and Health authorities have announced proclaimed the intent to corral parents and throw them in jail, removing them from their children for up to thirty days if they continue to refuse to have their children vaccinated.

At gunpoint, with jackboot efficiency, armed personnel and attack dogs at the ready, the totalitarian elite will ensure nobody steps out of line.  The suppression of any attempt at public dissent against the Orwellian vaccination policies and Nazis experimentation is in effect happening now! The state’s attorney issued summons to more than 1600 parents of children who had not provided certificates of immunization for their children.

Reminiscent of cattle round-ups using a syringe to keep the “herd” in line instead of toting a cattle prod, Maryland became the most recent of rogue elements across the planet to  Keep in mind that there is no manmade law in Maryland requiring the vaccination of children, thus parents refusing to do so can not be legally charged with violating any law. Instead, Maryland health and school authorities using Gestapo tactics, threatened to charge the parents with child truancy violations, criminalizing them for daring to protect their children from the dangerous chemicals found in vaccines. 

****Note: Including in Vaccinations are substances such as thimerosal, a chemical additive containing a neurotoxic form of mercury). 

Over the past thirty years parents are becoming more and more informed about the dangers of vaccinations and their link to autism.  Health authorities are increasingly turning to scare tactics and forced imprisonment in order for People to submit to the poisons of conventional medicine. Parents who attempt to save their children from deadly chemotherapy chemicals are being arrested and having their children kidnapped by Child Protective Services. It appears that medics previously armed with stethoscope  and tongue depressors and now arming themselves with state troopers and local enforcement personnel with firearms to enforce “the will of the totalitarian State” against resisting parents.

 Kathryn Serkes, director of policy for the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons (AAPS), condemned the “vaccine roundup” and the This power play which obliterates informed consent and parental rights, that were executed in Prince George’s county Maryland.  The AAPS promised to do everything it can to support parents who refuse to immunize their children. 

America Inc. being a corporation has illegally usurped the Sovereignty of the citizens, turning them into sheep, to be first drugged up and then slaughtered.  Pharmaceutical medicine is the only system of medicine in the world so unpopular with independent thinking people that it must be administered with a gun, attack dogs and forced confinement.  Only in a totalitarian state can the elite resort to such tactics to administer to the consumer. Pharmaceutical drug pushers have for decades sought to have authorities mandate the use of vaccinations on infants, thus criminalizing parents who refuse to be party to medical experiment by rounding them up and incarcerating them for refusing to comply with the “public health policy” and “protecting the children” from their own natural health seeking parents.   

Will everyone – Adults and senior citizens included- suffering from high cholesterol, who seeks alternative source of relief be arrested, strapped to a table and medicated against their will? People with cancer could be arrested for choosing to detoxify the system in order to invigorate the system with safe and effective botanical medicines instead of patented, high-profit pharmaceutical drugs.

Citizen sheep the NAU – North American union- let’s be clear: If you want to remain a free citizen, you must submit to the synthetic drugs made by the very same corporations that now control government health regulators or be branded a threat to public health — a designation just beneath “terrorist” in the eyes of many government bureaucrats. 

Allopathic medicine believes the citizen sheep are too stupid to be allowed to make their own health decisions. In a totalitarian state law makers and legal drug pushers are the ones that should be making these decisions, and any person who disagrees will be labeled a criminals, arrested and jailed. The ruling elite are at a place were they are comfortable up the population at gunpoint and performing large-scale medical experiments on them.  

“The essence of propaganda consists in winning people over to an idea so sincerely, so vitally, that in the end they succumb to it utterly and can never escape from it.”  —– Goebbels 

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