Indecency or fashion trends

 The following story is sterring up a debate about the fashion look increasingly seen on the streets, the schools and even in the workplace. 

Do you agree with what the myor is trying to do? Check out Doony’s video.

Rev. Sharpton has been on record as saying that he disagrees with the campaign but not the sentiment, because of the enaction of laws to prevent “sagging”. he also inferes that somehow this is an attack on the homosexual community.  Many in the music industry and of course those who follow the fashion castigate the mayor for being over the top.  Does the attempt to stop the culture of ‘sagging” an attept to reinstate decency or an attack on youth, hip hop and African males.

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Human Leopards And Lions Who Walk Like Men

Animal societies predate the colonial period and were gathered to fight the encroachment of European colonialism.

By Ahati Kilindi Iyi

The leopard and lion societies of Africa (as well as other animal societies) are steeped in mystery and are jealously guarded by the secret society systems. The secret societies are the custodians of the martial sciences. They hold the power within the culture to protect the greater society and to train the young boy in the art of responsibility.

Human leopards are those men who through initiations are brought into the realm of animal powers. The sacred stories, dances, ritual exercises and spiritual medicines blend together to bring the human into the realm of animal consciousness.

These animal societies predate the colonial period butt were gathered to fight the encroachment of European colonialism. This was a time of persecution and unfounded accusations by various European governors of cannibalism and murder. It is not uncommon for freedom fighters throughout the world to be smeared by governmental powers, and so it was with the animal societies.

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