The Mayan Calendar

Since August 17, 1987, the Earth had entered a phase called the Fifth World of Harmony where Native legends state that the “Sacred Circle” comes back together. This event is popularly known as the Harmonic Convergence but is also called the Vibral Alignment because, on that day, all Vibral Cores aligned to face the sun. Our Vibral Core is the place where we are all connected to the Web of Life and is the center of our energy awareness.

Following this Vibral Alignment in October of 1990, a new energy grid moved into place around the planet. For the first time in the evolution of the Earth, energy was flowing both into and out of Earth’s Vibral Core at the center of the planet. The results of this energy shift are manifesting as changes in physical reality on a global, ecological, communal and personal basis.

Now, as the Earth changes are proceeding to alter the planet in many ways, each person is also adjusting to a new energy flow which affects our perception of the world, our attitudes and emotions. Just as the energy grid around the Earth has changed, so has the flow of energy around our physical bodies. Our energy is now flowing directly from our Vibral Cores and is awakening us to the awareness of a Global Family.

Humankind is in the process of a major evolutionary development that will rely on bringing the knowledge of the talents and perceptions of our energy bodies into their maturity. The survival of our species is dependant upon the awakening of our energy bodies and changing our vibration. As chaotic as the Changes may appear at times, it is truly an opportunity to step outside of our limitations and begin a new phase of evolution.


The date 2012 is often depicted by some as the end of the planet, the world, all in existence that we consciously know.  This is similar to the horse fertilizer they sold us at the dawn of Y2K.What does it mean “the end of times’? Nobody has proof, has indicated or know that the planet will expire in 2012, yet another horse and pony show is going on where blunt headed miscreants are running around like chicken little while the rest of us go about our clued out way oblivious to a significant tie in cosmological order.

Since nothing I have researched has indicated what happens after 2012, I will not entertaining the idea that we will become extinction on that date, though many of us currently screwing around the planet, need to just go off planet and don’t come back. There are serious changes in the works, especially as a humans are more at risk now than ever in all of existence. The planet itself is shifting position, the magnetic poles are shifting, the polar ice caps are melting. Nature is about change, our daily lives are about change, if growth is expected to follow, therefore change is being forced upon us by life, whether we want it – or know it- or not.

I believe that the Mayans understood, just like the Dogon and the Egyptians, to name a few, that the cycles of change that run through time (a man made concept) and they also could see that our way of life would evolve at such a pace that we would put our world as it existed at great risk, and that we would come to a cross roads on our journey in time. However each group could not predicted beyond Dec 21, 2012. This is a time when it is up to us to decide what direction to take and what our future world will look like. The European fantasy book speaks of this time as the opening to the Golden Age, therefore it is not surprising to me that our governments are urging us to keep survival kits by our side because the very face of the planet is changing, and with it, our way of life.

The planet is like a wet dog, shaking itself of excess water, or scratching to remove irritating fleas…the humans, who have not respected the planet.


The Mayan calendar documented the many cycles within cycles. The wise ancients who created the calendar ended it when they saw a definitive conclusion to one of the many larger cycles of our evolution, the moment when they could clearly see the power shifting. 2012 is the turning point, the birth of a new calendar. 2012 heralds am exciting new beginning here on planet earth and the entire universe.

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