A tribute to the African Woman!


I have to adore the earth
The wind must have heard your voice

It echoes and sings like you
The soil must have tasted you

It is laden with your scent
The trees honor you in gold and blush
when you pass…

42-166051521.jpg beloved.jpg

I know why the North Country is frozen
It has been trying to preserve
your memory

I know why the desert burns with fever
It has wept too long without

On hands and knees
The ocean begs up the beach
and falls at your feet

I have to adore the mirror of the earth
You have taught her well how to be


—-Henry Dumas

 Brown sugar dark chocolate and sweet memories, like the first time I tasted honey and learned the about yearnings and hunger and blues. Brown sugar, dark chocolaty delicious echoes of African dawn and the first sunset…beautiful, like the first time you had sex and you saw god and, and, tasted gold and learned triple languages that rolled off the tongue.

Brown sugar in my African blood, pulsating like the first breath of life, of a new day when you heard the beat of the walking talking drum heard your name being called in the rhythm of the beat and learned the message of the universe of love and the rhythm of love.

Brown sugar, black gold rushing down my soul, making me scream goddamn! As I watch you sashay down Main Street, sweet dumpling rolling around in saffron and tie dye and low cut goodness, watermelon sweet.

Lips soft and tender filling me with heat, Brown sugar dark chocolate, caramel and toffee, all the look and taste of my African treat.


Today I just felt wanted to give homage to the African women. From Nappy headed ho’s to bitches and hood rats, we have denigrated our women for much too long. In every nation and every society of old, those that are progressive and civilized, the women are held to a standard above the men.

For it was known that the women are the bringers of life, the nurturers of society and the one that sets the foundation by which a people survives.Even the European centric paternalist males, who were the first to call his compliment bitches and ho’s, will protect her if it becomes a matter of survival.  This is why most other nations and tribes on the planet have an aversion to African man mixing his seed up inside his woman.

He feels, or tells himself it is true, that his woman is pristine and pure, and is good only for him. Although the truth is he fears genetic extermination through the melanation of his seed, he has no hesitation having, getting screwing, loving an African woman. African brothers need to go back to the Garden of Eden which is our African women.

All full lips, full hips, high round ass and long , thick legs. We need to love the strength in our women and learn to reject the European in them.  This is my ode to you beloved!

 I want to send a tribute to the African woman and let her know that the brothers in his upright state only wants you and what you do when you are in your upright state.   This song says it all! 

My Love for African woman grows and never flatline. 

Some more OtisRedding 

They say the European female is the standard of beauty on the planet.  intelligent people know different. Here I present to you one of the reasons why Adam wants desperately to get back to the garden of Eve, and why many pray for a safe passge to the heavenly house!

The Sun and moon is in your movements.  Here is Sukus dancing for the strong of heart and blood pressure

I feel the earth move under my feet!

3 thoughts on “A tribute to the African Woman!

  1. Sankofa,

    I’m glad to have found you and your website. Sometime as hard working women we feel under appreciated. This makes your words very comforting.


  2. thank you sista michelle.

    The healing must first start with in ourselves before we can seek to heal others. At the end of the day, we are each others keepers and support. And when the haters come at night with burning torches, I have to be the one who protect you…even give my life so my family can live. So how can I hate and disrespect you, African woman, when you am I and I are you?


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