Black mystory 24/7/365 part 1

On the good ship Jesus, the captured Africans – prisoners of an Imperial war of expansion between the various tribes of Europe- were transported across shark infested waters to help the European man “modernise” and make livable, the land they stole from the indigenous peoples.

Today when angrey Anglo-Saxon shout out “Nigger go home!” and chant USA, USA! One feels the rage build up in the African soul.

Do you remember the days of slavery?

What is the messages here? Destroying the Urban core in America Inc. is the begining of the end of this corporation.  

The destruction of the African communities in America Inc. is no more poignant and effective than what happens with the fratricide and Self Destruction of our young. Kill the young and you effectively kill a nation.

 The hate that you wrought will come back on you , as the chicken comes home to roost, 

2 thoughts on “Black mystory 24/7/365 part 1

  1. The Afrika Institue of Mind Regeneration Education Academy
    [Mind Talk Afrika]
    Brother, we thank you so much for the dedication work you have been doing. You must go on that path. The Good Lord will always guide and protect you!
    We are looking for brothers with our style of thinking who will be intertested in representing MTA Training and seminars anywhere in the United States or anywhere in the world.
    Thank you, Your brother.Lumumba Ubani


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