Black History 24/7/365 part 2


This is a musical tribute to the fallen and forgotten, who when the question was asked “how the west was won”, is conveniently forgot by some or otherwise ignored and White out of the books and edifaces.  That is the contribution of Africans in this part of the world.

The burial of a fallen hero


A tribute to the fallen hero

“History is a set of lies agreed upon.”
“History is the version of past events that people have decided to agree upon.”

  Napoleon Bonapart

 We have heard His-Story all of our lives. What of our story?. It didn’t start in a cotton field and it sure didn’t start at Almira Castle. It started long before time was known, and it is still being studied, stolen, imitated and finally Anglocized….check Kimit! (Egypt)

5 thoughts on “Black History 24/7/365 part 2

  1. Miranda

    The first time I heard daddy Bush proclaim the march to a New World Order, my knowledge of medevil his-story was on full alert. For some reason they image of fuedal Europe came to mind, where the pesants work the kings land and pays the king for doing so.

    I am a avid reader in science fiction, been so as a child-hell I am an avid reader period- but though I don’t read that sort of books as much, I have notice a trend for the past decade. Almost every science fiction future details where either emulated to become the norm today or they are in the laboratory stages.

    One prevailing theme in all of them is a ONE world government, with the masses either regulated to worker camps, quarantined zones or drugged up to become complient drones. Every theme dealt with population control, either through going off planet ( as scientist are currently exploring) or eliminating usless eaters ( which is the more prevalent theory)

    The future intent is to have a world that is electronicly wired and computer dominated with various experts in that field, some engeneers or a few in the service field to take care of certain basic needs while CEO’s run the planet.

    Our children are not being prepared to run the world or to exhist there ina meaning full way. Of course a few of us will slip through. It is imperative for us to educate and CONDITION our future to run the world, or else we end up like the third of the three types of people in that running joke.

    Those who make things happen, those who watch things happen, or those who ask “what happened?”


  2. The public school system in this country does not have a goal of educating children. Today’s schools aren’t about broadening the mind, critical thinking or creativity….the sole purpose is to get a kid prepared just enough for a basic job.


  3. Elijah Muhammed once said that “Black people are the only people to send their children to the enemy to be educated in the killing fields”. The fact of the matter is the information is out there to educate ourselves, but we chose his education, the one that accentuates his wordlview.

    We shouldn’t be calling for any changes in the school system so much as creating our own system of education. The system right now has been corporate run since the ’70’s, and it affects anglo-saxon students bad, so imagine what it does to us.


  4. I couldn’t agree with you more on this topic. Why, since we are supposed to be equal in this country not calling for the history books in school to be changed. All children are learning lies about the history of America.


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