Indecency or fashion trends

 The following story is sterring up a debate about the fashion look increasingly seen on the streets, the schools and even in the workplace. 

Do you agree with what the myor is trying to do? Check out Doony’s video.

Rev. Sharpton has been on record as saying that he disagrees with the campaign but not the sentiment, because of the enaction of laws to prevent “sagging”. he also inferes that somehow this is an attack on the homosexual community.  Many in the music industry and of course those who follow the fashion castigate the mayor for being over the top.  Does the attempt to stop the culture of ‘sagging” an attept to reinstate decency or an attack on youth, hip hop and African males.

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2 thoughts on “Indecency or fashion trends

  1. I actually became aware of this movement in passing while both men where being interviewd on the Dr. Phil show. It was amazing how numerous the defence of this mode of dress was amongst Africans. I am even aware of middle class, educated knee-grows defending it as well.

    The sad thing is we take a an unnatural and derogatory expression and try to put a positive spin on it to no end. Sot of like Nigger!


  2. I think the dress of many young people today is not appropriate. If the moitive is to call out young black men then of course I disagree. I don’t need to see your booty. Male or female. The proposed law should go futher. Carpenters get a pass though. LOL!


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