Why Hillary Clinton will win

I’ve stated time and time again that Barak Obama will not win the Democratic elections because of the very real spectre of voter fraud and Hillary’s connection to the Bush family and England’s original Queen B.The voter fraud angle is not new and since the pundits have already stated that (a) If she works for a tie she can win a run off on the convention floor and (b) there are larger states yet to campaign in where proportional voting swings the deal as a posed to one-man-one vote.

Hillary Clinton has enlisted the aid of her husband in hopes of utilizing his popularity to get voters on her side. Ever since I saw that idiot Arse-sinio Hall introduce him as “our first black president” I thought the knee-grow was bugging. Nevertheless, so many years later we have videos like this to validate Bill Clinton as some “Black hope?”  



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Castro-the last man standing

castro.jpg  One of his-story and our-stories greatest leaders and statesman accomplished something that 50 years of attempted assassinations, economic embargo and political character assassinations never had achieved. Cuba’s venerable leader, Fidel Castro was a revolutionary icon and a legend to African and Caribbean people and people who seek social justice and equity amongst citizens.

Cuba’s parliament in a defiant middle finger to opponent of the revolution, recently named Raul Castro president on Sunday, February 24, 2008, ending nearly 50 years of rule but leaving the island’s communist system unshaken and unbowed. In his first speech as president, Raul Castro suggested that the Communist Party as a whole would take over the role long held by Fidel Castro, who formally remains its leader.The vote came five days after Fidel said he was retiring, capping a career in which he frustrated efforts by 10 U.S. presidents to oust him and thwarted a world wide White Supremist system from completely bamboozle developing nations into thinking that the Anglo-Saxon way was the only way of self governing.

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