One black school is not a cure-all

 “The Toronto public school board’s controversial decision to open the first black-focused school in Canada should not be used as an excuse to ignore the racial problems across the whole school system. After all, only a small percentage of the black students in Toronto will be able to attend the one experimental school that is to be set up.”

Toronto Star

See the interview after the voting by the school board here

I’ve been asked numerous times what’s my opinion was on this issue. From the jump I have not been impressed by the whole thing. Firstly what we have here are people, many well meaning, who have asked the current government to fund a school, staffed with predominantly African teachers to teach a predominantly African student body. Often we Africans insist on asking the same people who have contributed to our woes, to turn around and help us find a solution, primarily through funding, logistic and even taking the lead. 

“Niggers are scared of revolution” means that we fail to exercise maturity and common sense by collectively going of and doing our productive work, without asking for a hand out and a hand up from the architects of our dilemma. One of the key point of the “Black Focus School” submission has been the need to teach the African student positive African our story, as a means to create examples of success.  This along with seeing an African faculty will give the youngsters something to feel good about.   

Currently in Ontario, there are independent schools for Lesbians/Gays and Transgendered youth, Aboriginal schools, Hebrew schools, Muslim schools, Eastern European schools, schools for street “Kids”, for women only. Yet when Africans seek a school that predominantly highlight there personal view point, there is a lot of bitching and moaning by people who prefer to see us at the bottom of the barrel. 

Mind you while the school is to be made accessable to the general population, even with the emphasis on teaching African my story as an integral part of the curriculum, I know not too many of the other ethnic groups won’t be allowed to attend by their parents or peers. Hell, there are many knee-grows who have stated they won’t let their children attend. The supporters of the ethnic caste system (Racism) start talking bullshit whenever African people seek to create their own solution to what ails them.

Unfortunately they can be counted on for taking some knee-grows with them to the lynching tree.  There is a forty percent failure rate of African children right now in a school system that is touted to be one of the best in the North America Union. 

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