Cynthia Mckinny, a true dark horse in a race of donkeys


This is just another reason why this two party election business is at best, a stupid ass personality contest and at worst, an example of the exclusive den of vipers that will only allow another snake access into that den of inequity on 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. This current sideshow is no exception. For the donkeys, we have two establishment choices. Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama. For the Elephants we have a broke down war horse, hoping to continue the run of the former dumb and dumber front man for the Cheny presidential machine.

Since day one, the media machine has triumphed the aligning of the stars… a female and an African male vying for both the democratic nomination and the lead figure head with in the Corporation of the United States. It was so compelling to see this drama, that we forgot that the elections has more than two parties in the race, and certainly more than the designated personalities to vie for the elctorates votes.How many of you knew that Cynthia McKinny is also running for the lead figure head position?  How many of you know who Cynthia Mckinny is?  How many of you care.  If ever there was anyone more interesting thn the so called “empty suite” of Obama or the so called “mannish” personna of Clinton, is that of the fiery fearlessness of Cynthia McKinny.



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