This is my Hero!



He showed me what it meant to be a man, to demand from the oppressors, the right to be treated as a man by any means necessary! EL hajj malik Al Shabazz was a once in a life time phenomenon, never to be seen again.



No Sell Out! 

 Here the brother Elucidates pointedly about the 
Condoleeza Rice vs Cynthia McKinny 

my hero

This is a nice compilation.

The Eulogy – Africans across the world lost a true hero 



4 thoughts on “This is my Hero!

  1. I truely love brother Malcolm. His story is incredible. To change his life while inspiring his people to be better and do better was greatness. I think he would be sad to see the state that we as black people are in. I think we have lost our roots and have become shallow and in some instances mindless. Brother Malcolm is without question my hero.


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