The Soul of BlacK (women) Folks


Ever experienced that love that make you hurt so bad it was good? Us folks been expressing our love Jones since time gone by. I’ve compiled a couple of classic love expressions from some sistahs that do it up real good.   Sit back and enjoy some African genius on this “black history month” shout out! 


Check out this classic by a classic singer!

 I’d rather go Blind (Etta James) 

Raunchy stuff by a big bad momma. This is gut bucket blues at its but ugliest!

Rock me baby (Big Momma Thornton) 

Elvis who? shoot, Listen to the original and hush your mouth!

Hound Dog (Big momma thornton) 

This haunting, chilling song was first heard in the openning scene of Falling with Denzel Wasghington (pretty good movie too), Now I admit, the Rolling Stones did a good job and is known for it, but this soul sistah did it first and did it well. This song stays in your head for real.

Time on my side-Irma Thomas (before the Stones sang it) 

The first time I heard this song I was hooked, long before I knew who Etta James was. See why i say that!  

At last ( Etta James)

Another song-for me at least- that stays in your head for a long time. Sarah Vaughn when she was young, funky and rocking!

 Broken hearted melody (The Divine One)

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