Thaughts on African Male-Female Relationship


Let’s start some controversy here.  One of the biggest contention, rifts and barriers to Umoja in the African community is the contentious relationship between the male-female compliment. I am presenting here some diverse statement on this issue and look forward to some feedback from my 2 readers, LOL! 

Let’s have some discussion here folks.

Here is a clip from the movie tired black man… they say who feels it knows it, brothers how true is this?

 This is a sort of analysis on some of the break down we experienced outside of Africa.  Do you agree with her, how accurate is she?

Here is a  letter of appology to African daughters, it is a beautifull poem, what do you think?

Finally here is one sisters Letter to the Black Man, expression her true feelings. She calls her self the quiet storm, and she is a force.  What do you think?

check out her website at etstorm.