Why Hillary Clinton will win

I’ve stated time and time again that Barak Obama will not win the Democratic elections because of the very real spectre of voter fraud and Hillary’s connection to the Bush family and England’s original Queen B.The voter fraud angle is not new and since the pundits have already stated that (a) If she works for a tie she can win a run off on the convention floor and (b) there are larger states yet to campaign in where proportional voting swings the deal as a posed to one-man-one vote.

Hillary Clinton has enlisted the aid of her husband in hopes of utilizing his popularity to get voters on her side. Ever since I saw that idiot Arse-sinio Hall introduce him as “our first black president” I thought the knee-grow was bugging. Nevertheless, so many years later we have videos like this to validate Bill Clinton as some “Black hope?”  



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4 thoughts on “Why Hillary Clinton will win

  1. MODI, I am trying to be real without being a party pooper. My biggest fear is not that he will win, it’s that the power brokers will use him as the new face of the old “Americanism”, that’s playing so well in places like Israel. And while I believe these people can’t see the truth because of their inclusive and long ass White Supremacy noses, it would be interesting if they decided to let him win.

    Please remember also, after the party somebody still have to clean up, without hinderance and without asking permission. If you know what I mean.


  2. Sankofa, you are looking righter by the day, however, I will continue to hold out hope that the Super Delegates see the light. In recent weeks more SD’s have come Obama’s way…


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