Fear of the African Man

Three Khazaar rabbis (R. Joseph who died in 333, R. Huna who died in 297 and R. Chiza bar Abba whose life spanned 136-217) have in the past commented on the assault on the biblical Noah by his son Ham in a verse from the Talmud. According to both Talmudic and Biblical legend it was because of this act, that Ham’s descendents became “black”:

Now, I can no longer engender the fourth son whom I would have gave the order (…) your children shall serve, you and your brothers! It has to be Canaan, your first born, that they shall take as a slave.

And since you have made me incapable of doing bad things in the darkness of the night, the children of Canaan will be born ugly and black! Also, because you have stretched yourself to see my nudity, the hair of your grandchildren will curl so that it turns nappy and their eyes will be red, also, because your lips have joked about my misfortune, yours will swell and since you had a lack of respect for my nudity, they will go around naked and their virile part extend ignobly.”

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