Cheating love

 About one in five adults in monogamous relationships, or 22 percent, have cheated on their current partner. The rate is even higher among married men. And nearly half of people admit to being unfaithful at some point in their lives, Ironically, while we tend to overestimate cheating in society, we are often blind to it in our own lives. If your partner is cheating, chances are, you have no idea.

Six in 10 cheaters believe they totally got away with their affair and another one in 10 felt their partner was suspicious, but never found out for sure. Few cheaters — only 2 percent — were busted in the act. And even when confronted with a partner’s suspicions, only 6 percent of both men and women confessed to having an affair.

Here are some classic ode to the cheating heart….love the songs, not necessarily that which inspires them. LOL! 

If loving you is wrong (I don’t want to be right) 


Millie Jackson – Leftovers


Millie Jackson – Cheatin’ Is

  Millie Jackson – A Moment’s Pleasure


Me And Mrs Jones

  Tyrone Davis – Can I Change My Mind

betty wright – no pain no gain


betty wright-clean up woman


 Shirley Brown – Woman To Woman

 Kelly Price – As We Lay

8 thoughts on “Cheating love

  1. I think an area that would be good to delve into is starting from the middle ages when the black woman psyche was changed to see the white man as the object of desire. Then the process of making a slave and how the black man was forces to breed like a horse and not be responsible for his offspring. A legacy that continues today. Most young black males are reared to do very little in the home while the young female often in the home doing all that is necessary. Although a lot of this is changing as there is no adult present in the home the majority of the time.
    So popular media is raising black children. This is one of the most critical area of African people lives if we can fix the family a lot of dysfunction will disappear in the African people. The family is the first foundation and then it ripples out to the world.
    Think of when you drop an object in a puddle of water and the effect it creates.
    “The hands that rock the cradle rules the world.”


  2. Anita

    Initially I just wanted an excuse to play some nice songs, however uppon reaserching one, leading to another, I recognized a theme and that’s why I put that little note in. I agree the concept, reality and phylosophy of “cheating” would be a topic that can be discussed here.

    But please let me add that so called cheating would not be near the top of my list of the epidemic of fatherless homes.

    I would like to hear some view points from you, sister Michelle and undercurv411. Thanks all for commenting.


  3. Interesting post on cheating but since this is an epidemic in the culture of the world along with all with all the other lower desires that people who are spiritually void are consumed in. It would be interesting to delved into the history, cause and effect of cheating. Particularly since as African people we have an epidemic of children growing up without fathers in the home.


  4. Ha Ha Ha, this is an interesting sight. Thanks for the link. I’ve already have some friends arguing over the merits of your site. All I can say is you are dedicated and focused on your subject.

    Thanks for viewing the site.


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