Race and Racism

“Until lions have historians, hunters will be heroes.” — Kenyan Proverb 

The latest flack around Barak Obama’s spritual leader, his middle name, his religeous affiliation, his passport and other sundry take on his worthyness to be the front runner in the next election, has garnered quite a few opinions from both the knowledgable and ignorant. With the spector of Anti-African sentiment pervading the Democratic elections, we once again observe the same old knee-jerk reaction by those who feel that we are inferior to the members of the ruling class in America Inc.



 In 1837 the painter and theorist Jacques Nicolas Paillot de Montabert wrote:

  1. White is the symbol of Divinity or God;
  2. Black is the symbol of the evil spirit or the demon.
  3. White is the symbol of light . . .
  4. Black is the symbol of darkness and darkness expresses all evils.
  5. White is the emblem of harmony;
  6. Black is the emblem of chaos.
  7. White signifies supreme beauty;
  8. Black ugliness.
  9. White signifies perfection;
  10. Black signifies vice.
  11. White is the symbol of innocence;
  12. Black, that of guilt, sin, and moral degradation.
  13. White, a positive color, indicates happiness;
  14. Black, a negative color, indicates misfortune.
  15. The battle between good and evil is symbolically expressed by the opposition of white and black.

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