The Cheating Women





Today divorce rate is hovering somewhere between 50% and 60%, people are flummoxed as to why this is happening. Every reason and excuse is giving, including the throw-away nature of society, the sexual revolution to lack of commitment by African males to his complement. One of the prevailing theme that seems to go through the dialogue about male-female discord is the high degree of suspicion each gender has about the other’s trustworthiness.

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2 thoughts on “The Cheating Women

  1. First, we must weed out candidates who do not belong here. It is true that most fuck buddy situations get screwed up when one party develops romantic feelings (rather than purely lustful feelings) for the other party. If you are the type of person who can’t engage in sex without developing these sort of emotions, turn back now. Accept yourself for who you are, and wait patiently for a relationship. Also, if you do not drink, this course is not for you.

    It is true that sex ruins friendships. So don’t be fuck buddies with your friends. If you want to maintain fuck buddy status, you cannot be friends with your fuck buddy. The only reason you should hang out with your fuck buddy is to fuck. Are we clear? Yes, you can go out drinking and engage in other activities with your fuck buddy, but all of these activities should be seen only as a precursor to fucking.


  2. This is the reason most men get caught women are more cunning and cover their tracks better because their reputation is at stake. Either way its messy business and nothing good come out of it in the end. Health problems, loss of credibility and reputation, Hatred by family members especially children. Loneliness in old age.
    Best way to hide the illicit deceitful act
    100% Controllable – BY YOU
    Understanding what you’re doing at all times plays an important part in not getting caught having an affair.
    The more honestly you can assess the affair situation, the better your odds of not getting discovered
    100% Anonymous – Anyone you’re involved with does NOT know who you really are
    (no conversation ore referring to your family life or spouse none)
    Always Free of Drama – Never get involved with people that are ‘batshit crazy’
    Light, Fun & Novel– With a multitude of short-term engagements, keeping it fresh, fun and new
    REMEMBER: It’s NOT a simple email, or a text message or ‘a random website you fell on by total mistake’. Your significant other is no moron. Adding the effects of man mistakes over time will raise suspicions and get you caught. And you’ll lose a lot more than your relationship.
    Getting emotionally involved in an affair is always a bad idea.
    Emotions generally lead to bad choices and compound sets of logistical mistakes. This is the main reason to choose short term affairs over long term drawn out episodes. Short = sweet + easy to leave.
    There are two types of affairs. A short-term affair is one where you barely know your affair partner. It can be a fling with a prostitute or a one night stand. Or someone you see just a few times.
    A long illicit encounter is one where you start knowing each other’s habits and moves. Emotions and feelings manifest themselves.

    Affairs should be about great & passionate sex, not tangled variations of love.
    So … what’s BETTER and LESS RISKY???
    We recommend short-term affairs over long-term affairs – any day. Short-term encounters have certain advantages:
    Very small emotional investment; sexually oriented relationships.
    Partners are rarely emotional and nutcases.
    Rotating partners give you control over the situation.
    Long term affairs are complicated. You will almost always be asked to leave your spouse.
    It becomes a little-relationship. That requires different levels of effort to manage Similarly, emotional affairs are a messy thing to get into.

    Similarly, emotional affairs are a messy thing to get into. Strong feelings make affairs extremely complicated. Infatuation is very strong. It can turn to obsession in an instant, which increases your risk of getting caught.
    The BEST option to not get caught cheating is to NEVER EVER EVER EVER use your day to day cell to call / get calls from your cheating partner. PERIOD!
    Never bring your lover to your home or any where near, or give out your Address
    Never go to your lover’s home
    Never call your new companion from your home phone
    Never give your new friend your home phone number.
    Keep a low profile when you are out with your lover. You would be surprised how many people know you and/or your spouse, who unbeknownst to you may see you lavishing inappropriate attention on your new companion in public.
    Do your best to meet with your lover out of town–somewhere far enough away from home that you do not know people and people do not know you.
    You should trust very few, if any, friends with your secret.
    An unfaithful partner is having an affair with a person, who is also being unfaithful–not only to her/himself, but to men/women. Unfaithfulness is being unfaithful to your integrity to yourself. And notice the betrayer will betray the betrayer if she/he is scorned. Maybe that is why we have the cliché, “Hell, hath no furry like a woman scorned.” A more accurate cliché–“Hell, hath no furry like a person scorned.”


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