The Architectonics of the Pharaonic Temple

Excerpted from Vol.2, Chapter 23 of the book The Temple of Man


The master builder said to the disciple:  


 “You come from the earth, it has nourished you, and you will return to the earth. This element holds and keeps other elements. Know that everything that, of itself, diffuses outward without form needs a receptacle. Thus, Air retains the Fire of the Universe and Water retains Air, as Earth is the vase that holds Water and gives it form. Thus, Earth is the container of All. I speak to you of the Earth upon which you tread, the gross image of the spermatic Earth of which you are made.


          Always see in the lower things that your senses reveal to you, the image of things that your spirit alone can conceive when your senses are closed to the world of transitory appearances.


I will speak to you of architecture not building technique.


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