His-story of doctor led experimentation on Africa and Africans

In his most recent speech, the one that made the chameleon Barack Obama, shed his two toned skin and came out as the “white’ candidate for the lead figure head for the Caucasian house, Baba, Rev. Jeremiah Wright was purported of accusing the past CEO’s of America Inc. of using Africans for Medical Experiments, Including AIDS.

Of course the knee Jerk and knee-grow (the Anglo-Saxon reaction right now is expected so it will summarily be dismissed here) reaction was to slam him for being a crack pot at best and “racist” (whatever that means) at worst, certainly for attempting to derail the audacity of hope (lessness) rickety ass train that every narcotized sheep was leaping on. If anybody bothered actually studying the his-story of the United Snakes, they would have found a literal smorgasbord of experiments done by past and current CEO’s of America inc. on defenseless people around the world, but primarily on incarcerated men and women, institutionalized adults and children and the poor, which always includes African people. These same indigent Anglo-Saxons would be doubly shocked that their cousins and tribes men were also subjects of governmental experiments. Nevertheless, ignorance is bliss. However, this is not about you all Anglo-Saxons, I’ve had enough of your whining and complaining about being misunderstood.

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