The African female as a commodity: Plantation tales




1.    Something useful that can be turned to commercial or other advantage

2.    An article of trade or commerce, especially an agricultural or mining product that can be processed and resold.

3.    Advantage; benefit.

 A quantity of goods

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5 thoughts on “The African female as a commodity: Plantation tales

  1. I’m 34 and I am a womanizer. I have been with about 30 women in my life. All through my twenties it seemed justified and a tremendous kick. While most of my friends and peers had girlfriends, I was always thinking I was ahead because I was getting laid more then they were. This, my friends, is a one way ticket to ultimate loneliness. I have also found that 95% of the woman I was with are also lonely people. Womanizers attract low self-esteem woman. I finally discovered that I do not want this life anymore when I ran into a pathetic 43 year old still trying to get another lay. He was slimy, angry, and just a terrible person. I thought, that is going to be me, that IS me and it was sad, very sad. I have reevaluated my life and have analyzed my relationships with my parents. My mother is a depressed alchoholic and my father had an alchohol problem while I was growing up. I left the house and I never came back. I am obviously trying to fill some void, but luckily i have now seen the light! I keep thinking how great it would be to be best friends with a wonderful, talented, articulate, educated woman. I usually scare these people away. For you womanizers out there, first, admit it to yourself, then change, then become a contributing wonderful human being!
    Womanizers ARE trying to fill a void and eventually it gets old. The excitement fades and the loneliness begins to set in. To go out of your way to manipulate another person into giving you what you want is sad and reflects low self-esteem and a poor value system.

    Have trust on yourself. Self trust will give you inner strength and you will remain clear to yourself for your activities.

    The base of all relationship is TRUST. Trust means believing and having faith. If someone trusts you that mean that he or she believes on your honesty and integrity. No relationship can survive without trust. In this modern society, trust is an important factor which affects on our profession, relations and also in socialization. In our workplace we are to trust our coworkers up to certain level (if not even full). In relationship, a couple needs to trust each other and in our society where we live, we should trust our community and our community also need to trust us. Trust forms the cornerstones of all relationship.

    Building and maintaining trust is a set of activities which includes our day to day lifestyle, behavior, conducts, ethical aspects, emotional expression, vocal and verbal expressions and above all total transparency of heart and mind.


  2. Since the posting of this comment I did some research and found these video on youtube. I am still looking for some printed information. Thanks for the info


  3. Greetings Nina,

    Thanks for the heads up. If you can tell me which articles and links, I will try to fix them.

    To answer your questions:

    (Q) Do you or any of your reader know if this behaviour is a manifestation of sexual abuse?

    (A) The preoccupation with sex could be viewed as a sign of sexual abuse.

    (Q) Or simply generations of the African male breed to have sex and not be responsible.

    (A) Yes! Most certainly this is one of the legacy of our Ma’afa that social scientists and anti reparation agents refuse to acknowledge. Both you and I were used as breeders, not just beast of burdens to build the European empire in the West.

    (Q) Or both is there any information on men being raped during slavery?

    (A) Yes! Rape is often used as a power dynamics, as well as a gratuitous pursuit of base pleasure and certainly Europeans his story documents his proclivity to abuse children and adults, both male and female, both randomly and institutionally. Unfortunately, such information is not as readily available like the rape of the women, because it happens on a smaller scale and requires deeper research to put all the nuggets together.

    Be aware Nina, that we are the worlds only trauma victims to never collectively undergone the necessary therapy to get back in the game. We have been left to our own device and ignorant or emotionally and spiritually damaged people can only do so much with out a base formula to work with.

    Unfortunately; that formula is European. Culturally unacceptable and always a challenge, when they keep moving the goal posts as we figure out the game.

    Continue to read from this site and share your beautiful mind.


  4. The continue here link on your articles are not working
    How about the African male as commodity. My uncle has a wonderful wife but is visiting porn site and picking up women on the internet as well as other places such as work. I know this bvehaviour is a manifestation of someone with low self worth. Do you or any of your reader know if this behaviour is a manifestation of sexual abuse, Or simply generations of the african male breed to have sex and not be responsible. Or both is there any information on men being raped during slavery?

    Thank for the info on your blog


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