Bill O’reilly: Amerikkka’s Rightwingnuts favourate son!


On your left is the picture of a strong, opinionated, articulated, and intelligent African woman. On the right is a rabid and racist, white supremacist dog, an anti-African whose hatred for all things non Anglo-Saxon knows no bounds, reason, common sense, or unfortunately sensor. The rabid dog lately had engaged in wordplay…symbolism if you will, by sending a threat to Michelle Obama, warning the “uppity Nigger” of what will befall her and her husband by proxy, if she has proven not to be proud of the most anti-African corporate entity in his-story.

The strong, opinionated African woman had this to say to the rabid dog. I am not a fan of the Huffington post, not after that Barack-Michelle pimp/ho shit, but this is a place I can get Star Jones response to the rabid dog without preamble.




A his-story of bloodshed



Nina Simone’s strange fruits




In scoring the net for this information, I came across sites where people are dismissing the rabid dog as being old and bitter. I’ve also seen where people are basically telling Star to shut up, she’s too late or some other shit! And these are knee-grows!



All this while Billy Reilly gets to see another day, another sunrise.

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