An anti-Jamaican movement


 European imperialism is empire building, through expanding into other’s sovereign territory. European global expansion actually begun in the fifteenth century, but greatly accelerated in the nineteenth century, with the purpose being land, minds and souls of other non-Europeans.    In the Southern Hemisphere, just as in parts of Africa and Asia, the people were mass murdered or culturally subjugated to European rule.  The Ma’afa took a severely heavy toll on Africa’s development ever since the 16th century. Tens of Millions of the youngest, brightest and sturdiest young people were taken away to build the expanding European empire.  The ease with which Europeans dominated non-European areas of the world is the power resulting from industrialization and the nation-state organization and their Ice man’s Inheritance, deep in their DNA…
 Nonetheless, the Europeans told themselves that they were superior to non-European peoples. A prevailing and culturally uplifting belief widely held dearest by Europeans: The language of a color-coded society was easy for them to better control the conquered people through the nine areas of people activities. Calling themselves “White” and equating purity and the definition to that title enabled them to preach…”Whites were superior to non-whites”. In addition, Africans became “the White Man’s Burden”.
[The white man had the burden and responsibility of bringing the blessings of their superior civilization to the savages of the non-European world.]
 This belief was further augmented by the oft reference to Social Darwinism in which it was erroneously implied that “White Europeans were considered more fit in the struggle for survival. Another variation was that Christianity was the only true religion. Anti- Africanism was a fungus that grew into a motivating force in 19th century Europe should have died stillbirth. 


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