Male sexual abuse


The day I came face to face with the reality of sexual abuse, was equally shocking, disturbing and debilitating. Buried deep in my psyche as a child in Jamaica during the ‘70’s, was the awareness of grown men, inappropriately touching girls my age, or seeing young teens and even pre-teens impregnated and being shunned by their mothers or the community they reside in. Growing up I became aware that it was okay to talk about women as a non entity or objectifying them.  After all one could always find some slutty girl to fulfill the perverted notions and desires of these grown men, sometimes with young perverts in training cheering them on an learning at their feet.  Little did I know as a child that these slutty girls were abuse victims, who, confused about their victimized status, act out in a way they thought they were supposed to act, yet still yearning for an adult to over stand their inner turmoil.


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