Real political discourse on Zimbabwe


As the prapoganda continues and the sheeples suck the lying juice from the diseased tits of the White Supremist bitches. Blackmystory would be remiss if we didn’t seek the other view of the Imperialists dogs dumping their vile, foul ofal onto Zimbabwe specifically but Africa in general.

Here are some sites that provides healthy discourse on Zimbabwe as aposed to the shit that the Wesern (white) media shovels.

An eloquaint insight into the problem of Zimbabwe

The response at black agenda carries more insight than the interview.

2 thoughts on “Real political discourse on Zimbabwe

  1. Anonymous thank you.

    It is through righteous people like your self that this ideology of western imperialism and Whites Supremacist view of the world, be put in check. Great find!


  2. African leaders know G8 hypocrisy when they hear it
    Special to Globe and Mail Update
    uly 9, 2008 at 9:13 PM EDT

    The pungent odour of G8 self-righteousness, wafting all the way from northern Japan, can ruin your breakfast. There they are, the leaders of the wealthiest countries in the world, reneging as always on solemn pledges to Africa, now demanding that African governments get serious about Robert Mugabe, blithely ignoring the West’s complicity in Africa’s woes and confident no one will reveal the real story.
    What is the real story?
    There are several components.
    Every year, going back about 500 of them, we in the rich world have sucked out of Africa more wealth than we have ever injected into the continent. Over the past decades, Western governments and Western corporations have been party to virtually every tyrannical regime, conflict and injustice Africa has suffered. Neo-liberal economic nostrums imposed on African governments by the West have utterly failed to provide promised economic growth but have been wildly successful in increasing grotesque inequality and in impoverishing even more Africans.

    How do countries that, until only a few years ago, backed apartheid in South Africa have the right to criticize African governments? In Canada, it’s entirely forgotten that, Joe Clark, external affairs minister in the Mulroney government, persistently denounced and refused to support Nelson Mandela’s African National Congress because it embraced armed resistance as a liberation strategy.

    Every time another soiled Western leader righteously demands that Mr. Mugabe be removed, their African counterparts get their backs up. So should the rest of us. Africans remember what Westerners are pleased to forget.

    Robert Mugabe is a tyrant, but no worse than Mobutu Sese Seko or Idi Amin or Emperor Bokassa or P.W. Botha or Jonas Savimbi or any of the dozens of others whom Western countries have backed. Even today, the United States and Britain co-operate closely with the genocidal government of Sudan in the name of the “war on terrorism.” Who condemns that?

    Mr. Mugabe is a tyrant but he’s the West’s tyrant, he’s OUR tyrant. The British government made him.

    In 1965, I was living in Zimbabwe (then Rhodesia), when the Ian Smith dictatorship that represented the tiny white minority illegally declared independence from Britain. We foolishly expected this racist rebellion to be swiftly suppressed by Harold Wilson’s Labour government.

    But Britain refused to depose the rebels, who were after all its white “kith and kin.” With no option to negotiate majority rule, the new liberation movements launched a ferocious civil war that killed at least 20,000 mainly unarmed Africans and a small number of whites. It was out of that crucible that Mr. Mugabe emerged.

    Through most of those years, South Africa backed its white Rhodesian brethren, and the most powerful Western countries backed the apartheid government of South Africa. Once Zimbabwe won its independence in 1980, the South Africans did all they could to destabilize the new regime.

    Under president Ronald Reagan, the United States worked hand in glove with the very same South African security and military forces that were terrorizing southern Africa. Together, the U.S. and the South African apartheid government destabilized virtually all of southern Africa. Do we think President Thabo Mbeki of South Africa is ignorant of this record?

    In fact, we don’t think about it at all. Can Stephen Harper grasp a word of any of this background as, with self-satisfied superiority, he demands an end to the Mugabe regime? This, from the man who has almost deleted Africa from his government’s vocabulary and who hasn’t uttered a peep about the endless violations of human rights perpetrated by his best pal, Yo Bush.

    Here’s the truth: Robert Mugabe’s egregious crimes against humanity began at the very start of his presidency. Yet, for the first 20 years, he was the darling of the West. He was only crushing other Africans. Not until he lashed out at white farmers did Western governments decide he was evil incarnate. Even now, as the tragedy in Darfur continues, Mr. Mugabe alone wins the attention of the G8. No wonder African leaders roll their eyes when our leaders demand his head. They know hypocrisy and double standards when they see them. Gerald Caplan is the author of The Betrayal of Africa, a study assessing the role of Western policies and practices and African leaders in creating Africa’s problems. He was briefly imprisoned and then deported by the Ian Smith regime.


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