8 thoughts on “Caribbean sex slavery and looking for the big bamboo

  1. Men don’t fling their penis around that’s a boy adolescence behavior, this behavior eventually leads to sexual dysfunction (cant get it up) disease and deteriorating health and dirty spiritual energy.
    People who love themselves and have high self esteem don’t lay don’t anywhere.
    These people need serious help


    1. At this point I don’t give a shit about what you feel about men and their penis. The fact that you single out African men for vitriol tells me that you have issues with African men and use this site as an excuse to crap on us. Based on your response, this is not about sexual misconduct, but the sexual misconduct of African men.


  2. Anonymous, you have posted five responses on this specific post. While on the surface it appears that you are offering intelligent commentary on the stereotype of the over sexed African male, I fail to see where context is applied here. Our story within the remnants of European imperialism and colonialism, as former prisoners of war (the Trans Atlantic African Holocaust) is a testament to our victimization and the continuation of such up until this very day. You spent five comments talking about the African males hyper sexuality, I am curious… have you watched any internet porn lately?

    You would be astonished at the depth of the Caucasian male’s hyper sexuality and violence. In fact the above statements indict the Caucasian males a whole lot more than it does the African male who’s poor attempts at reconstructing his lost and stolen manhood has devalued himself and his woman and full fills the stereotypes initially created by the horrors of the African Holocaust.

    Leaving the African male and in general, our collective issues out there like dirty laundry without remedial application is disingenuous at best, blatantly anti-African at worst. And whether you or Caucasian or not, this is what it appears to me.


  3. Excerpt from a good read although it refers to African American it certainly applies to Western Blacks

    “African American males may consciously and unconsciously reinforce with their brothers the idea that sexual promiscuity and procreation are cool because they symbolize manhood. They also afford entertainment, recreation, stimulation and the pleasures of female companionship and adulation.”

    The significance of the African American man’s penis can never be overestimated because of the enormous significance that he attaches to having one. His penis is an integral part of his identity. He believes that his penis makes an unforgettable statement about his individuality. He considers his penis to be an important extension of himself and his psyche. Often, he will place greater importance on how well “it” works than on how well he works it.

    A man who has been told (throughout his sexual life) that his penis is superior to all others because he is Black may be encouraged to share it with women from other races. Under certain circumstances he may believe that his penis acts as a magnet which attracts women from other races to him. Of course, this would be a direct violation of America’s most ardent taboo. West discusses this taboo and comments:

    Whole article here


  4. Hypersexuality is one of the things that can ruin a bipolar person’s marriage or committed relationship. In these days where sexually transmitted diseases can kill, unrestrained hypersexuality can also be deadly. Not every person who has bipolar disorder experiences this, but for those who do, it may be a serious problem. Finding the right combination of bipolar medications to control mania is an essential step toward keeping hypersexuality from becoming destructive.
    However, for some people, the hypersexuality of mania goes even farther and becomes an addiction. Sexual addictions are very real. Jennifer P. Schneider, MD, PhD states that “addiction to sexual activities can be just as destructive as addiction to chemical substances.”1 Patrick Carnes, Ph.D., the researcher who first identified sexual addiction as a condition, has estimated that about 8 percent of men and 3 percent of women from the population in the US are sexually addicted. This constitutes over 15 million people in this country alone.(US)

    Sexual addictions can have a high price: financially, in outrageous charges from prostitutes or phone sex calls; career-wise, if your behavior causes you to lose your job, as could happen, for example, in the case of a person accessing internet pornography on the job; personally, by destroying relationships; and health-wise, if indiscriminate sexual contacts lead to disease. If you are concerned about your own behavior and wonder if you could be struggling with this type of addiction, several online self-tests are available to assist in determining if you should seek professional advice


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