The Angry White Male


I confessed that when I set out to write this article, I wasn’t aware that there actually was a site by that name, or so many actual “angry white males”, bellyaching over the internet. Interestingly the author of one blog I came across, describes himself asI am a Conservative, Christian, American man. I make no apology for these facts.” Mind you, I don’t care what this dude is about, because he is symptomic of what ails many countries in the Western hemisphere. This is the basis of the current post.

Angry White Male (sometimes abbreviated as AWM) is the designation of a significant and influential voting bloc of Caucasian males in America Inc., that came into being in and around the election of1994 in which Caucasian males supported Republican candidates by a 24 % margin (compared to a 6 % margin in 1986 and a 4 % margin in 1990). If you recalled, both the Reagan and George Bush(it) the elder used codied refrences to polorize their perspective elections. Reagan did it through the tactical appeal to Southern Caucasians and their love of god, country guns and hatred of too much civil rights for non-Caucasian males , in states where civil rights where a joke. Bush(it) was more forthright with his Willy Horton imagery and welfare queen statements.

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