African Male Bashing: how we do it!

When the lead puppet for the figure head position in Washington, gave his now famous speech chastising African men for abdicating their duties of being a father to their children and husbands to their wives, many knee-grows and non knee-grows acted as if it was the original “message to the Black Man”, by a true change maker. White Supremacists and their enablers would do anything to kick the African man in the nuts and boot stomp him in the neck, just to absolve themselves from complicity in our oppression and their anti-African hatred of the male.

No where did he mention the number of “out-of-wedlock” children who are children of divorce, children who are pawns in custody battles between a bitter woman and her angry man and the system that gleefully encourages further bitterness. Nothing is mentioned in the context of White Supremacy because he is a tool for this system of White Supremacy and those would never submit a solution because he himself has urged us not to use White Supremacy as a crutch… what a bitch!


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