Thug lovin’ African women????



*** Note: This bit of info was picked up while I was researching this topic.


“…this black female celebrity was once involved with a rapper (who was always low on funds). She overlooked his penchant for violence and his long rap sheet. Against her better judgment, she moved him in. Before long, she received beatdowns in every room of her house.

One evening, the rapper came in to announce, “Oh yeah, my son moving in this evening!”

She had no say so in the matter despite the house being hers. Shortly after the son moved in, they started eating up all the food. While she was away on auditions, they would cook for themselves but never cook for her. The son loved staying up playing video games and keeping the electricity on at all hours, the electric bill was staggering.

When she complained, the rapper told her, “This means you have to try harder and get more gigs,” so you can pay these bills. The son began to cheer his father on when he would beat on the actress and he soon started disrespecting her.
Despite this, she loved the rapper and was ecstatic when he hinted they should get married. Despite rumors to the contrary, the rapper did not leave her, the following is what caused the initial breakup.

Everything came to a head when she returned home early and found the son’s teenage friends going through her refrigerator, drinking up her booze and smoking weed on her premises. Later, she realized her jewelry was missing. She finally came to her senses and told them, both of you have to go! The rapper beat her into submission that evening. The next week, she called male relatives, they came over and helped the rapper pack. While leaving, him and his son glared at her.
A week later, word got back that the rapper and his son were planning to burn down her house, with her in it!

She contacted the authorities. 

The rapper was detained in her neighborhood but they didn’t find gasoline or any other incriminating evidence on him, so they let him go. Incredibly, despite this drama, the female celebrity began to miss the rapper and actually wanted to reconcile (battered women’s syndrome) but he had moved on and told her-no!

Who is the black female celebrity and who is the rapper?
Hint: Both are well known in urban communities…”


I don’t know or really care who the specific individuals are, this story and variations of it is known to me and too many amongst us.




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