40 acres and a mule?


“I don’t believe in fighting today in any one front, but on all fronts. In fact I’m a Black Nationalist Freedom Fighter. Islam is my religion, but I believe my religion is my personal business…. The economic philosophy of Black Nationalism only means that we should own and operate and control the economy of our community.”

“This government has failed us, the government itself has failed us. The white liberals, who have been posing as our friends, have failed us. Once we see that all these other sources to which we’ve turned have failed, we stop turning to them and turn to ourselves. We need a self-help program, a do it yourself philosophy, a do it right now philosophy, and it’s already too late philosophy. This is what you and I need to get with… Black Nationalism is a self-help philosophy… this is a philosophy that eliminates the necessity for division and argument.”

—–Ballot or the Bullet April 12, 1964. Detroit, MI.

“Land is the basis for freedom”


In the 1950s, the Kenyan landless poor through the Land and Freedom movement sought to regain the land from their European oppressors. Their struggle to seize the African land against thousands of barbaric British killers failed, but forced a withdrawal, eventually leading to independence, which saw the taking of political office by a African leadership, however with the possession of land theoretically still in the claws of the British dogs.

Throughout Africa, and the African Diasporas, wherever independence is sought and fought for, land was and continues to be the central theme, dream, basis for survival and life. In Azania, in Mozambique, Nigeria, Ghana, even now in Zimbabwe, the problem of stolen lands, being wrested from the clutches of the vampires from Europe all ways carries pain and anguish, mainly for the Africans from Eurocentric hatred and duplicity. We have it and they want it, or they stole it and refuse to give it back.

Compensation is:

1. The act or state of compensating.

2. The state of being compensated.

3. Something given or received as an equivalent for services, debt, loss, injury, suffering, lack, etc.; indemnity: The insurance company paid him $2000 as compensation for the loss of his car.

 Compensatory rewards are awards Caucasians deny Africans at every turn, when asked to do so after centuries of barbarism, genocide and theft. Even when they put it in writing, the devil with the forked tongue as been known to say, “…the negro as no rights that a white man is bound to recognize”.




40 acres and a mule is a term for compensation that was supposed to be awarded to enslaved African who “achieved” their freed (dumb) after the tribal conflict between the Confederacy and the Union euphemistically called a Civil War. Our ancestors were promised 40 acres of land to farm as compensation for generation of the most barbaric of forced servitude of any people, and a mule with which to drag a plow so the land could be cultivated.

The award—a land grant of a quarter of a quarter section (160 acres) deeded to heads of households presumably formerly owned by land-holding Caucasians—was the product of Special Field Orders, No. 15, issued January 16, 1865 by Maj. Gen. William T. Sherman, which applied to African families who lived near the coasts of South Carolina, Georgia and Florida. Sherman’s orders specifically allocated “the islands from Charleston, south, the abandoned rice fields along the rivers for thirty miles back from the sea, and the country bordering the St. Johns River, Florida.”

There was no mention of mules in Sherman’s order, although the Army may have distributed them anyway. Federal and state homestead grants of the time ranged from 1/4 section up to a full section.

After the assassination of Abraham Lincoln, his successor, Andrew Johnson, revoked Sherman’s Orders. By June 1865, around 10,000 freed slaves were settled on 400,000 acres (1,600 km²) in Georgia and South Carolina. Soon after, President Andrew Johnson reversed the order and returned the stolen (aboriginal) land to European interests. Because of this, the phrase has come to represent the failure of Reconstruction and the general public to assist the Africans living in America Inc.

When duplicitous Caucasians and ignorant Knee-grows bleat about the lack of property holdings, land and other source of generational wealth, please commit the following linked information to memory and find away to get involved.


                                    “…for only we can free our minds…”

Robert Nesta Marley;
Redemption song




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