Birth defects blamed on vegan diet!

Note: In trhe past 24 hours, i’ve been having  issues putting up this post. For the readers who are confused with the page that went up and asked WTF?  I am working to fix this ish as soon as possible!

The headline on March 2, 8:04 PM read:  Birth defects blamed on vegan diet

Articles such as these are usually reported in a way to create doubts about that life style, while encouraging consumers to look to the laboratory for the source of their die-et and nutrition.

Then there is this from an Australian newspaper was a joint Australian-Vietnamese study of people who live on vegetarian diets have slightly weaker bones than their meat-eating counterparts.

A joint study of links between the bones and diet of more than 2,700 people found that vegetarians had bones five percent less dense than meat-eaters, the issue was most pronounced in vegans, who excluded all animal products from their diet and whose bones were six percent weaker said lead researcher Tuan Nguyen.”

Nguyen went on to say that there was “practically no difference” between the bones of meat-eaters and other kinds of vegetarians (?), who excluded meat and seafood but ate eggs and dairy products, he said.

Nguyen wrote in the study, which was published Thursday in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, that “the results suggest that vegetarian diets, particularly vegan diets, are associated with lower bone mineral density,”  Even though he went on to say they  magnitude of the association is clinically insignificant.

So is it significant or not Mr. Nguyen?

The paper said that Nguyen is from Sydney’s Garvan Institute for Medical Research had collaborated on the project with the Pham Ngoc Thach University of Medicine in Ho Chi Minh City. Nguyen said the question of whether the lower density bones translated to increased fracture risk was yet to be answered.

“Given the rising number of vegetarians, roughly five percent (of people) in western countries, and the widespread incidence of osteoporosis, the issue is worth resolving,” he said.

“..The wheels on the bus go ‘round n ‘round all thru the town…”. It’s ground hog day all over again!



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