Our home and native land!

Ever since the War of 1812, the burning of the presidents residence (that was repainted and called the White House) Canada had always exhibited a schizophrenic attitude to the United States of America. As the less powerful neighbour to the north, Canada has always acted like the ugly step-sister, full of jealousy, covetous and hypocrisy.  One of the hypocritical aspects of Canada-USA relationship centers on ethnicity, culture and the violence that arises when Caucasians encounter non Caucasians, particularly Africans.

The his-story of America Inc., is rooted in its tales of violent decimating the aboriginals – in what is now called the “Americas” – its brutal subjugation of stolen Africans and its general piss poor attitude to regular people outside and inside its borders. The his-story of Canada is one of less violent decimation of the aboriginals, creating the system later refined and implemented as Apart-hate in Azania, its welcome of Africans escaping the plantation of the South in order to freely till the soil in what is now called Ontario and its general fugazi attitude with regular people inside and outside its borders.

Post 911 Canada took on a decidedly aggressive attitude towards its citizens and other nationals who were not of European stock. The image of Canada as a tolerant multi-cultural society took on a long overdue overhaul as the most combative Prime Minister ever decided that Canada would go lock step with her more popular Neighbour in bullying and abusing people’s human rights. From the Maher Arar and other victims of rendition, Canadian style, this country has fast proved that for all their education and supposed growth, White Supremacy is very much a religion to be practiced and preserved in this country.

Suaad Hagi Mohamud 

The case of Suaad Hagi Mohamud has been stirring up a whole lot of noise against the foreign affairs minister in the Harper Government. Blogs such as this one  and other news outlet, here and here have been highlighting this one example of Canada’s ongoing anti-African practices for the past two or so decades. 

Oh! Canada, land of multi culture, with the most diverse City in the world as yet to recover from its post 911 steroid experiment, were ‘roid rage is still being practiced against Africans, Muslims and African Muslims, a triple treat surpassed only by their neighbours in the South.

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