The aftermath of Suaad Hagi Mohamud’s ordeal

There is still obfuscation and governmental head in the sand action about this case that has traumatized a single mother, her 12 year old son and in fact numerous immigrants to Canada, particular Africans from many parts of the world. This is the letter that officially okayed Mohamud’s three month ordeal in a kenyan hell hole with the blessing of the Nazis in Stephan Harpers ruling hegemony. ManyAfricans living in limbo because of Canada’s policy of not supporting innocent Canadians in foreign prisons are not as fortunate as Suaad Mohamud, not all of them Somali.  Below are links about her story only, from a media into sensationalism and finger pointing, never one of introspection and holding a anti-African government accountable for their policies.

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 I will be harsh with the national media, over whelmingly Caucasian, overwhelmingly willing to toe the company line, not wanting to bite the hand that funds them or give them acess to the outer chambers of  White Supremacy.  While I don’t expect expect  C aucasians to attack their families on behalf of Africans, I would think they over stand the necessity of defending the principles of justice, knowing full well that injustce for one is injustice for all.  But then being that the media is a gate keeper for the NWO, gate keepers always think they will escape the final solution.