Africa the devils playground!

The speech is by the Honorable Marcus Garvey; Message to the People: The Course of African Philosophy.   The videos show two vews of the African/Caucasian dynamics… for the asses that sincerely believe that Africa and Africans by nature is inferior

The present system of education is calculated to subjugate the majority and elevate the minority. The system was devised and has been promulgated by agents of minority. This system was carefully thought out by those who desire to control others for their benefit and to the disadvantage of the others; to the extent that the others would not immediately rise into happiness and enjoyment of life simultaneously and equally with them. It was never originally intended to make all the people equal at the same time. Even more so, … it (was) not intended to elevate the darker races to the immediate standard of the white races. The minority sprung from the white races ot establish the system of education. Therefore, all textbooks and general literature are colored to suit the particular interes of those who established the system of education, and the group they represent as against the interest of others whom they did not want to immediately elevate to their standard.

There is always a limited process in the education of other races by the race that originates the system of education. As for instance, if a Negro attends a university with other students of the race that originated or projects the educational system, while the Negro would have the privilege of the classroom for general instructions to learn commonly, he/she may not have the privilege of his fellow students of the other race, who may be admitted to certain club fraternities (or sororities) within the university from which he would be debarred. Such fraternities generally enjoy the privilege of special instructions and special discussions which convey a wider range of enlightment on the subjects taught than would be possible to the Negro, hence, when he/she graduates even from the same textbooks his technical knowledge is not as wide as that of others who have had fuller explanation in the technical interpretation of the particular textbooks and at the same time is only trained to reflect the system that props the intentions of the creators of the system, so that at his best, he who is making use of his education, is a slave to a system that was not intended for him, but to which he renders service.



Therefore it is necessary for the Negro to be additionally educated or re-educated after he or she has imbibed the present system of education. The best way to do this is to educate him racially in the home, meeting hall or his own club, where he will be put under the closest scrutiny and analysis of what appears to be education, as coming from other people, because their system of education may not completely fit into the Negro’s ideas of his own preservation.

By not being able to do this in the past, educated Negroes have not been able to assume proper leadership of their race, because their education was of the nature to cause them to support the present system which is of no advantage to the Negro, except as a servant, serf and and slave, for which purpose really the system was devised, to a certain extent. This explains the behavior of leading Negro intellectuals who are not able to dissect the educational system of others and use only that portion that would be helpful to the Negro race, and add to it for a complete curriculum that would be satisfactory as a complete education for the race. Do not swallow wholly the educational system of any other group, except you have perfectly analyzed it and found it practical and useful to your group. There is still room for the Negro educational system, free from the prejudices that the present educational system upholds agaisnt him. Never fail to impress upon the Negro that he is never thoroughly educated until he, she has imbibed racial education.

It is by education that we become prepared for our duties and responsibilities in life. If one is badly educated he must naturally fail in the proper assumption and practice of his duties and responsibilities. The Negro fails in the proper assumption of his duties and responsibilities because he has been badly educated. He has universally failed to measure up to his duties and responsibilities as a man and as a race. His education has been subversive. He must now make his education practical and real, hence, he must re-arrange everything that affects him in his education to be of assistance to him in reaching out to his responsibilities and duties.

As you shouldn’t expect another man to give you the clothing that you need to cover your own body, so you should not expect another race to give you the education to challenge their right to monopoly and mastery; to take for yourself that which they also want for themselves. If you are going to distrust the other man in his honesty because you know him to be dishonest, then you must maintain the attitude in every respect, for if he is dishonest in one he may be dishonest in all. If he will rob you of your wages, he will also rob you of your education that would enable you to know that he is robbing you of your wages. Trust only yourself and those who look like you. Those who look like you and are related to you ought to be known first before you know others. There may be a good grounds for a common education of all groups in a community such as civic education, political and social education, but this detail{ed} education that teaches man how to live to the highest and enjoy the best, is particular education and that particular education is always reserved for those who want to gain an advantage. Therefore, in no other way in particular secure education and have your own such as the Jews who have outside of any common education, a particular and peculiar education of their own, which augments or adds to or modifies the common education that they have gathered in the community with others.



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