Big ups to Snoop Dog on this one!

Normally I am not a fan of Snoop Dog and trhe image he projects, because for me he is an example of the thug/druged up image afflicting our community and the distorted symbols we worship.
But I will give props for this tribute to his wife and the fact that he had Charly Wilson throwing it down.
Just a side note:  How many of you know that the name of the GAP band formed by the Wilson brothers  in 1987, was a tribute to the  Greenwood, Archer, and Pine Street districts. Those streets  formed the African business district of Tulsa, Oklahoma, which was destroyed in an example of Caucasian hatred of African success in 1921…with the support of the state government of course.

3 thoughts on “Big ups to Snoop Dog on this one!

  1. Eye am highly proud reading your mind thorough reports on matter Eye am pleased making contributions to it. Thank you very much for the Floydmayweather story. With regards to the Santa/x-mas dialogue…Santa=Satan, the ‘Claus’=Clause is the Roman Catholic ‘clause’ by the Roman Catholic priest, St. Nicholas for the molesting of little boys, the ‘clause’ is St. Nicholas’ clause, him being a Homo-sexual. Hence, Santa Claus is St. Nicholas, the homosexual, wearing Satan’s red-attire. Therefore, Santa’s pleasure requesting the delights of little boys on his lap. St Valentines Day is also with this clause for the lusting over little boys, hence the Cupid with the arrow is butt naked. By the way, Santa’s Ho Ho Ho is the degrading of women for little boys sitting on Santa’s Lap, a homosexual routine of the infamous Catholic Chruch Priest Hood. Imagine. people we allow their children for these ceremonies ignorantly spell bound for these mentally raping acts. Christianity is nothing more than aggressive homosexuality founded by homosexuals for the perversions and ceremonial joke on all that give credence to the Serapis-fraud!


    1. Greetings

      Thanks for stopping by. I checked out your site and found it quite informative. I hope you continue to stop by as well continue to share your knowledge with the masses. I am including a link by a well known brother, who has done extensive research in India. For your continued growth.

      There is also this book on the Dalit by V.T Rajshekar and Y.N. Kly which can be found at

      Keep in mind that before being designated as India it was called the Indus – Kush Valley.



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