The recent controversy in Jamaica


The following video/radio interview from Jamaica outlines some basic wrong with transsexual deception of immoral men prowling for kitty Kat.

For those who may be patois challenge, here is the synopsis of the controversy.

Transexeual prostitute pulling up at a gas station, asked a cyclist where the go-go cub is.  Cyclist gets his “macadocious”  on and started chanting some lyrics to impress.  Both went to the darkest corner of the gas station to continue the “chat up”, when the po po shows up and put their nose into the business of consenting adults. Po lice starts putting “chat” on he/she while asking her/him for the drivers  licence, because they suspected potential solicitation for sex. Unfortunately the transexual has femal and male licence, but only had the male one on him. This set’s off a series of events, where according to the transexual, the cops made up a story of a John picking up a prostitute and realizing the confusion started a fight, which resulted in the arrest of the transexual.

What else is interesting is some of the information from the transexual who relates some of the hidden agenda, acts and deceptions in Jamaica.

Listen to the story and coment on the piece.

2 thoughts on “The recent controversy in Jamaica

  1. I am over the deception that Jamaican men are any different from any man in these Corporate United States. They suffer from the same psychological damage and dysfunctions. I have also run face first into the deception that an African (Gambian) man would be more enlightened and lead me home as a stolen African Queen. My destiny lies in the hands of the Almighty God and I am now in position to embrace a King from my own Lost Tribe here.


    1. At the end of the day, sister, you have to set the bar, do the detective work and work from a position of least expectation. In the matter of relationship in modern society…it has to be treated like a job!

      You tend to get the job you seek based on preporation, experience and even then you are not a 100% guranteed success. I wish you success in your persuit.



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