Run-away thoughts near the end of 2009


A discussion with a co- worker, as an example for me to refrain from engaging unnecessary talk at work.

 Her:  Oh! Did you go to the staff Christmas party yesterday?

 Me: What party?

 Her: The staff party in the cafeteria!

 Me:  Oh! Well I’ve been away and only got back today! Anyway I don’t go to those things anyway!


 Me:  What about presents? My family and I don’t celebrate that European celebration of consumerism!

  Her: You don’t buy presents for your kids? 

 Me: First of all goats have kids…African people have children, and if I don’t celebrate Christmas, why would I buy my children presents?

 Her:  What if they feel they have missed out?

 Me: They won’t and don’t! 

 Her: Wow! You are something else! Well do you celebrate Kwanza?

 Me:  At one time I did, but people have lost the true essence of what kwanza is now it’s as consumer driven as Christmas.

 Her: Man, you black radicals are something else. What actually is Kwanza about?

 Me: (giving a brief our story of kwanza as per Maulana Karenga, ) … and when African people on this side of the ocean, who were enslaved or were descendants of the enslaved ….

 Her: (interrupting) See, this is what I don’t like! Not everybody over here, were slaves you know!

 Me: … and when African people on this side of the ocean, who were enslaved or were descendants of the enslaved ….

 Her: …but you can’t say that because every body doesn’t have the same experience.  Maybe my great, great, great grandparents were slaves, but I don’t have that experience, so you can say all of us are Africans!

 Me: I know that, but what I am saying is we as African people are reaping the ill fruits of the Ma’afa –slavery, and as children of the enslaved our experience today is a direct result of the trauma that occur then. This is why today we try to disassociate ourselves from Africa, because we have no connection to our past. Also in the end, it’s they who run things who dictate what you call yourself and how you view the world.

Her:  Well look at President Obama, he is half African and he isn’t
caught up in what happened in slavery, he doesn’t come from that

 Me: (Thinking WTF?) first of all, I m not in to Obama.      

 Her: What you don’t like Barack Obama? 

 Me:  It’s not for me to like or dislike him ‘cause I don’t know him. I will say though that I don’t like what he stands for.

 Her: What does he stand for, hope, making a difference…

 Me: Listen man, Barack Obama is a Negro face on American Imperialism and he has willingly sold his soul to front for these devils.

 Her: At least he is better than that Idiot before him…

 Me: … be careful about questioning bushes intelligence…

 Her: …what do you mean, he is an idiot! 

 Me:  Listen I have called him an idiot, but just to insult him, but I think we need to be careful we don’t dismiss him for lack of intelligence. After all he is connected and is part of a power elite.

 Her: …he is an idiot! And he got there because of his father!

 Me:  Even a retarded person has intelligence, they may process something’s different than you …maybe, but they are still sentient and thus intelligent beings. The only time you are not intelligent is when you are dead! Now Bush (it) may not have book sense, but once we dismiss him for lack of intelligence, that’s when they screw us, because we believe they are harmless!

 Her:  I can’ talk to you. You’re not being logical!

 Me: (resigning to the fact I should have kept my damn mouth shut) Yeah! Let’s move on from this.

Note:  The idea of Christmas is said to be a celebration of the birth of the fictional Jesus in a stable in North East Africa (the Middle East). The book 16 crucified Saviours or Christianity before Christ, lays out in detail this Christ myth as firstly originally an African motif and secondly finds its way in  numerous cultures older than the Jesus myth. The idea of Christmas was actually
 a pagan celebration going back to the Germanic tribes and the story of old St. Nick as a Devil himself. And like many associated with Satan, Santa Clause seems to have this predilection in having little children sitting in his lap… what’s up with that, old didler?

 The current image of Santa Clause is a Coca-Cola manufactures one (the colors man, the colors) to help promote not only their brand, but consumerism as it is currently practiced. There was nothing about any son of God.

 An aside: How come the ruling deity is always male or male principle? What women don’t play a role? Men don’t give birth to nothing except doo doo, yet according to patriarchal mythology all prophets and such spring forth from a male god. The Chinese say women hold up half the sky…best make sure we give them some props.


 When is a domestic abuse not a domestic abuse and the subterfuge
behind the Anti-African male bashing…again!


It barely registered on my consciousness, but with every flick of the tel-lie –vision, I became more aware of numerous talking heads bringing up the Chris Brown – Rihana blow up… long after I thought it had died. Larry King, CNN, Oprah, Night line special with Chris Brown clearing some bushes on the side of a roadway.

 For days, weeks, Chris Brown has been beaten down and Jail house like molested as a serial abuser of pure and wholesome Mrs. Robyn Rihanna Fenty

 Rihana, a Barbados native is known to throw her weight around and and a few fist at her brothers and any other that get in her way. It appears that it’s the same attitude combined with a woman’s insatiable desire to search a man’s phone, phone book, wallet etc, to find out if he was creeping.  Being the “bad girl” from Barbados, she decided she was going to Grace Jones on Chris Brown. Now she could have handled it a different way, but how you gonna throw bows at a man and expect him to take it? The thing is Rihana is just as guilty of domestic abuse as is Chris Brown, yet the African male gets raked over the coals, while the woman gets the benefit of the doubt. I can’t speak for any body else, but if a woman squares off on me, I am treating her like a man.

 Numerous Caucasian experts and few Negro lap dogs turned out to give their opinion on domestic abuse and violence amongst African males. Then Whitney Huston and her disingenuous bullshit comes around talking about how Bobby Brown  verbally abused her and implied that he got her on crack.  More like Clive Davis got you on crack, you pusty licksting crack head! Every company the khazars leaves, ends up missing money. Numerous artist associated with him has some financial or substances abuse or other issues. Now I’m trying to figure out why this is happening, when low and behold, I found out that John Muhammad , a former military sniper, is 24 hours away from being executed. All of a sudden the media ramps up the coming execution and all we hear is how despicable a human being Muhammad was.

  Other notable things that make you say hmmm!  Serena Williams is accused of threatening some little Asian woman’s life on a tennis court, get’s fined $50,000 and threatened with suspension.  She wins female athlete of the year and dumb bitches get offended.

 Tiger Woods crashes his car while “going out” late at night and it evolves into him being a serial philanderer. Shit got so nasty people are acting like he conspired with Osama Ben Laden to bring down the Ivory… err, Twin Towers (of golf). Some people are questioning if child protection service should be involved (wtf?). And now with the arrest of a doctor who had treated his damaged knee, for illegal performance drugs, people are calling for him to return his golfing trophies and prize money because he is a fraud! Serious, people get up in the morning and think this thins out.

Floyd Mayweather, long accused of being a coward by people who wake up hating their miserable lives and the lives of others, is once again vilified for daring to question the khazars Bob Arum and the great token “white hope” Manny Pacquiao.  Pacquiao has a history of making demands on other fighters to his advantage. The last three fighters he fought had all come down in weight to meet him, becoming less than what they would have been if they had staid their natural weight. Fine, he still beat them. However long before Floyd Mayweather Sr’s accusation, their where rumours of Paquiao being on performance drugs. When Pacquiao secured the long anticipated fight with the “coward” Floyd Jr, he also made demands to ensure he would have an advantage. 8 once gloves that would aggravate Jr’s some what fragile hands, a $10 million penalty per pound if Jr, doesn’t meet the agreed upon weight and drug testing by both fighters to ensure fairness.  Yet the one demand made by Mayweather that the drug tester of choice be USADA the Pacquieo camp goes ballistic and accuses the Mayweather camp of cowardice and games manship. Every body tears into Floyd jr and Sr, but over looks the elephant in the room that every argument put forth by Arum and the Pacquiao camp gets lamer and lamer in each telling. Outsmarted and outflanked, the Jr mafia organization of Bob Arum and the Pacquiao camp is showing their true colors and no amount of name calling about cowardice will ever take the sting out of  Caucasian’s mouth when out manoeuvred by an African.