Boxing views

Normally Blackmystory doesn’t comment on sports per say, as I tend to leave that for others more skilled in their analysis and more dedicated than I. This is more so when it comes to the art of boxing. Rest assured that boxing is an art, the sweet science it is called, because the experience of being in a “regular” fight is light years away from what a world class boxer can do. And when you are considered the best fighter of your generation you have elevated the sweet science to a level of poetry.




The follytricks of the Damned: How we are indoctrinated against Nature!

Nature makes no mistake despite the incessant harpings of misguided and ignorant people whose egos outstrips any semblence of  common sense. The colored (NAACP) people have a saying that the mind is a terrible thing to waste. Well! There is an abundant of wasted minds in the world today, due to the excessive edumacation and book learning that creates the impression that rote learning is the key to understanding the universe.

Many of us, both “educated” and “uneducated” – whatever that means these days- are unaware that modern edumacation was and is part of a sinister ploy implemented by those who called themselves the illuminate. Those who have set up a system of  styled as White Supremacy, in which  to rule the world as Titans. The most powerful of the Titans in his-story was Cronos he who was associated with time and was said to have consumed his offsprings in the hopes of defying the Oracle (African prophetess) who had seen his demise at the hand of one of his children.

 The association of Cronos killing his offspring’s points to how adults refuse to step out of the way of the young who often bring new and fresher ideas to the fore. Time waits for no man, woman, child or megalomaniac, thus Cronos eventually succomb to what non of us can resist…time, nature, the patterns of the universe.  Adults who suffer from irrational fixation on the need to control or subjugate time are said to suffer from Cronos complex. Cronos is the root of Chronology and is a modern scientific term for time. That thing you like to watch on your wrist or on the wall is a version of a chronometer.It is what modern society used as a  demarcation unit to control that which is uncontrollable.

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