Hoodwinked in Holly weird!

For the next while knee grows around the way will be waxing poetic, philosophical and just straight up jiving that comedian Monique won an Oscar at this years academy awards. Around fried chicken and biscuits they can nod off proudly as another one of “us” hit the big times in the world of child molesters, satanic ceremonies, freaks and drug abusers.

The list of knee grow academy awardees have now increased by one. They are:

Hattie McDaniel’s – best supporting actress-Gone with the Wind, (who had to sit in the balcony during the awards) an ode to the original dirty south…playing a handkerchief head bug eyed mammy!

Sidney Poitier – best actor-Lillie’s of the filed, playing a neutered travelling handy man, helping out some German Nuns to build an object of Africa’s eternal oppression.

Lou Gossett Jr -best supporting actor-an officer and a gentleman, playing a character that any military man will tell you will never fly in the Caucasian man’s world.

Denzel Washington– best supporting actor-Glory, for getting whipped like the nigger slave he portrayed.

Denzel Washington – best actor-training days-for playing the type of Po-lice most Africans are familiar with in Caucasians.

Whoppie Goldberg-best supporting actress-ghost-for playing a …ghost- perfect for her role playing with that bartender from cheers.

Jamie Foxx, -best actor –Ray for playing …Ray Charles. Playing a musical genius with a self destructive lifestyle, that screwed over many whose path he had crossed.

Morgan Freeman-best supporting actor-million dollar baby-playing Clint Eastwood’s Sidekick

Halle Berry-best actress-Monsters ball- getting buck nekked and phuckking with the red neck killer of her child’s father

Cuba Gooding Jr-best supporting actor- Jerry Maguire-playing the type of laud, out of control and undignified athlete we grow up love/hating.

Forest Whitaker-best actor-the last king of Scotland-playing a demented Idi Amin through Caucasian lenses

Jennifer Hudson – best supporting actress-Dreamgirls-playing a loser entertainer whose self assurance is constantly tested by her “better looking” peers

And now Monique – best supporting actress-precious-playing the type of image holly weird has always loved and rewarded and will be revered about as much as that other gem (the color purple)

All excellent at their craft…even Cuba Gooding J before he became a full time lawn jockey, but how much is enough? How much longer are knee grows going to settle for holly weird’s dry crusty crumbs from their fantasy factories?

With the exception of Hudson and Monique, these are all veteran actors, who have done much better acting in much better roles and have never been given the respect due them.

The month long buzz over precious is so sickening that I am appalled that rational hue-man beings cannot see this bullshit for what it is… selling our dysfunction and death to lovers of necrophilia in order to satiate their erotic bliss. They tried to make this lead character as unattractive as possible and set out to find some one (played by Gabourey Sidibe) that could fit that bill. Yet when it came to promoting all the favourites female actors leading up to the awards, they ignore her image, time and time again.

We are being played for suckers and still don’t learn or refuse to learn because it requires us to have original thoughts above and beyond the swill they force on us and force us to regurgitate.

Just yesterday I was reading something about England introducing spy chips into people’s garbage cans to (nudge, nudge) check to see how much garbage they are throwing out so they can be fined for not recycling????

Currently residents of New Rome (look up the his-story of England) are the most spied upon in the world. Yet these same bitches complain about China, the Soviet Union and Cuba (hmmm! What’s their connection?) England is also they birth place of George Orwell… let that marinate in your tea pot.

Anyway, I had the opportunity to sit in an audience when the author of push (which the movie precious was made from) as she gave a reading to an enraptured audience of mostly Caucasians of all three sexes, knee grow females and others in between those two spectrums. This is not the kind of book I would want to read, period. Now it is promoted as a compilation of stories by the author-Sapphire. I am sure that the harshness of the internment camps of urban neighbourhoods in the Corporate USA has been played out extensively for decades, but this book took the harshness to another level. I have always marvelled at the capacity of us and them to bring the energy forward to dreg up some of the most unspeakable spirit killing narratives imagine… and call it art. Yet they could never find the same energy to create a story of love and redemption that is devoid of the sappy holly weird ending.

Something like the strong African man, who outgrew his conditioning of carrying an effeminate spirit of submission to White Supremacy, seeking to be the Caucasian woman’s or man’s harm candy, and became a Lion, whose strength and vigour identifies him as the man other men gets inspiration from and women seek to model their sons after. How about a story of a righteous African sister who recognises her strength beauty and purpose as teacher of a rising nation, who seeks that result without knee capping her compliment or seeking solace in the arms of the Caucasian man or his woman.

Stuff like these can never happen because it gives hope to a mistreated, miseducated and misguided people. Hope is not what white supremacy sells to its subordinates.  What they will sell is shit like precious and monsters ball, training days, riding mis daisy and crying game. Knee grows acting in the most niggardly of fashions to please Caucasians sense of importance and security in a world that they are swiftly becoming irrelevant in.

4 thoughts on “Hoodwinked in Holly weird!

  1. The WHITE-BEAST always has a hidden-agenda for movies like…BLIND SIDE…oh look…Sandra ‘Jesse James’ Dog-Bollocks wins an OSCAR for being a great foster parent!! How about Hoe-LIE-WOOD making a movie about Granville T. Woods and giving a non-black-shill actor an OSCAR? How about Hoe-LIE-WOOD making a movie about how blacks and black-indians took refuge into their families kids of the white-EURAPIANS who ran away from their own-molesting parents prior to the killing and arpatheid of 100 million inde[blacks]genioues of the AMERICAS as a result?

    Well, the EURAPIANS are now dying out into EXTINCTION-PERISHING FAST the way of the dinosaur and now black is good for their surival though a next generation of mulatoes kids=next generation of the WHITE-SUPREMACIST! Hence the film BLIND SIDE, an ego trip for the calling of white is good…lol! A beast is a beast…it never changes!!!!!!!!!

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