America’s continuous war on African people

Community outraged and mourning after police kill 7 year old girl

By Andrea Muhammad of the Final Call

ETROIT ( – Facing one of its darkest days, the Stanley-Jones family along with the city gathered to say a final goodbye to seven-year-old year Aiyana Stanley-Jones who was shot and killed while sleeping on a sofa in the living room of her family’s home.

Several hundred mourners lined up outside of Second Ebenezer Baptist Church May 22 to pay their respects to a little girl whose death has sparked international outrage and concern over a rash of violence gripping the community and police tactics used in bringing suspects to justice.

According to police department spokesmen, Aiyana was shot in the “head/neck area” by Officer Joseph Weekly, a member of the police Special Response Team (SRT).  More

Urban violence brings renewed calls for National Guard deployment

by Ashahed M. Muhammed- Asst. Editor-Final Call

CHICAGO ( – The idea of coordinated military action to counteract gang related violent crime is not a new idea, however, it appears to be gaining traction among some lawmakers as the number of those killed in many cities across America continues to rise.

“Gang activity and its resulting violence has taken a toll on my community for far too long,” stated Illinois State Representative Lashawn Ford, a Democrat. “The Military Code of Illinois specifically states that it is the duty of the governor to deploy such force as he deems necessary in order to suppress individuals acting together and committing violence in violation of our laws. Enough is enough. We’ve already lost too many lives. We need action now.”

At a joint press conference on April 25, Rep. Ford and fellow Illinois House of Representatives Democrat John Fritchey called upon Governor Pat Quinn to bring in National Guard troops to bolster the presence of law enforcement in areas of the city that have been the hardest hit by crime.


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