Blackmystory 24/7: The miseducation of Lauren Hill

She burst on the scene with the Hip Hop group the Fugees. Pretty, perky, sexy with a beautiful voice and presence. Every one though she was just another looker with pipes. When she turned out these hits with the Fugees, all she was was front woman for Whyclif.

and this

Then she went solo and put together a masterpiece. The miseducation of Lauren Hill, and those who never knew her before knew her then.

Do Wop thing

can’t take my eyes of you

and the sweetest thing

Then home girl fell for one of Bob Marley’s sons ( the one most still don’t know about), had a few children and… disappeared as some would say, went crazy so say others.  But sister was trying to find her spiritual self and sought so beyond the petty shero worship of people who need to get a life. She came back with some testament to her spiritual journey.

Such as:

Turn your lights down low

Zion(the name of her eldest son)

I gotta find peace of mind

and for the people who shit on her for making her independent decision, both inside and outside the music industry…this one for you