African Men and the Christian Church


On November 20th, 2010 I went to the funeral of a dear friend, whose untimely (for us mortals) passing brought together various school associates of 20 plus years. Men and women, who watched each other and wondered, “Where has all the time gone?” as we gathered to say farewell to a for real brother, down to earth and inspirational. Along the way some heartfelt and emotional tribute were made on his behalf… that is until the HNIC and the rest of the bankrupt “leaders” decided to get up in front of folks and started pimping in the name of god.  I went to a funeral and god damn minstrel show broke out, where the deceased girlfriend was vilified as a harlot and jezebel, for daring to being with the brother years AFTER his Legal divorce from his church possessed European obsessed wife. They had the unmitigated gall to rip into the deceased brother for LEAVING the church because it (as he confessed) was doing enough to meet his bourgeoning African worldview.

Suffice to say their holier than thou masturbatory act ended up being a self inflicted wound I hope these bitches never recover from. I say this without remorse, because these vultures are on the way to confiscate the man’s property before the sun as set on his passing. You all better draw up or tighten your wills and powers of attorney to prevent covetous bastards from going after your shit!.

The display I saw on November 20th solidified the belief that the “black” church is a joke as currently constituted and its antiquated and ass backward way of practice has turned off numerous African men from drowning in its meaningless drivel spewing from this hole of inequity.  

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2 thoughts on “African Men and the Christian Church

  1. Hey there blackmystory! Found you by way of the Afrospear.
    I haven’t looked over your entire blog as of yet, but I intend to with much interest.

    I have to comment, though, on your vilification of the “black church”. This is something that I personally have been fighting against–at other blogs and at the Afrospear. It seems that we black folks (some of us at least) are quick to put down our Christian brothers and sisters. Too quick IMHO. I must admit that I think it’s a bit unfair to lump the black church with those “bad apples” within some black churches. If we are honest, we have to admit that there are bad apples within and without the church, Michael Vick being one, who are deserving of forgiveness. The things that some within the church do are no different than what some are doing outside of the church.

    We all fall short of perfection.

    I say it’s unfair because I belong to a church with a looooong tradition of social activism. The black church facilitated the social activism of the 1960s. And it behooves us black folks not to forget that and throw it out so easily, just because we are seeking more definitions of our blackness.

    I invite you to my blog to read posts on Dr. Robert C Scott, Mother of Peace of Zimbabwe and other posts I have written, so as to have a more balanced view of the black church which belongs to us. We often say we have no institutions, but we are quick to abandon the one institution we do have, just because some bad apples are in there.
    What we should do, is get rid of the bad apples and clean up the mess and strenghten our institution and make it do what it’s supposed to do for us.

    We can’t expect white folks to do that for us, and we can’t get mad at them if we don’t do it for ourselves.

    Thanks for your blog and I look forward to reading it in total!!


    1. Greetings family

      Your point is valid and forces me to acknowledge that I did lump all the churches into one. And I should know better. I appreciate you checking me on that and will certainly check out your links. A word of caution though, churches like the ones you point to, will continually be avoided, while the empty vessels elevated because they serve a purpose. I know its frustrating to work so hard being real and not being recognised and then watch others elevated for the wrong things.

      “We can’t expect white folks to do that for us, and we can’t get mad at them if we don’t do it for ourselves.”

      This is truth to the nth power!


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