Michael Vick effect

We cannot think of being acceptable to others until we have first proven acceptable to ourselves.

Malcolm X Speaks


I happened to come across an assassination piece on Michael Vick by someone by the name of Nils Lofgren.  Apparently Nils Lofgren’s claim to fame was that he was a rock guitarist who has toured with Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band, Ringo Starr, Neil Young and others. He has also released more than 40 solo albums. Nils Lofgren besides being a glorified studio musician and back up musician has since morphed into a columnist for ESP on topics such as the redemptive hue-man soul. Lofgren, during his time as a rock and roll musician, seemed to have also acquired the knowledge of Solomon as he sits in judgement over someone he is not legally or ethically mandated to sit in judgement over.

The tone and content of the article is indicative of and indicting of the mental health issues that Caucasian have in relating to Africans specifically, but in other people, object or animals on the planet. The angry people who hate Michael Vick, and condemn his resurgence, his intelligence and his ability to earn a living, willingly use his supposed killing of dogs to justify all the hatred and invectives thrown his way.

The blogs www.sportsonmymind.com   and www.thestartingfive.net  , of which I am proud to be a repeat visitor, have detailed the case against Michael Vick and other African athletes and the issues they come up against as famous faces in a society that dislikes how they look, act and what they represent- a reminder of America Inc’s sordid past of brutality, theft and savagery . Too many of us have sipped the toxic brew made from that tainted fruit called American “race” ism and are so polluted that small sips of the equally noxious bile called integration are used to prolong their lives while slowly robbing the body of the vitality of the DNA.

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2 thoughts on “Michael Vick effect

  1. It seems that some just simply cannot accept that Michael Vick is not the embodiment of satan that they want to believe. He’s a man, who made a mistake (one that I don’t think is anything compared to some things)
    He PAID BIG TIME for his mistake, (more than he should have) but he paid all the same and now is on track to regain all that he supposedly lost and much more! He’s a sensitive man, and a contrite man, and a smart man, humble and focused—and some folks can’t accept that.

    It shows that they just wanted to hang him high, and in another time in history they certainly would have.


    1. When you look at situations like this through the spirit of ma’at you will overstand that it is never justice when it comes to us folks…only just us! Fear of a black hat, fear of a black planet… just fear, will make people with clinically diagnosed issues, strike out often and unexpectedly at others, just because. And since any excuse will do, just because is good enough. As good as, dogs, “apple pie and the American way”.


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