All Hail the Queen: Queen Ifrica

Welcome to Montego Bay

This song addressed the well known slogan of the Jamaica tourist board that over shadows the lack of community resources that
would have had a positive affect on the youth in that community

For those unfamiliar with Queen Ifrica, know that not only is she a reggae singer and deejay from Jamaica, but she is a force of nature in the tradition of Queen Nzinga, Hepsepshut and Jamaica’s own Nanny, the Maroon legend. Her place as a female in the realm of the testosterone filled realm of Jamaican music is testament to her character, power and spirit, lyrically holding her own as a top flight singer and deejay, while maintaining her femininity without digressing to the level of punnanny lyrics and other debased acts that most women in the any music genre choose to engage in for short term acceptance.


3 thoughts on “All Hail the Queen: Queen Ifrica

  1. I was introduced to Queen Ifrica’s power when I posted on Bunny Wailer at the Afrospear. I asked “Is there any reggae artists of today with the same revolutionary fire as Bunny Wailer’s album “Liberation”? Brother Ensayn answered, Yes, Yes, and again YES!!!

    And he posted the Queen at his blog, Ensayn’s Reality!! I’m glad I asked!


    1. Pass the word all hail the queen. We need more performers like her to clean up the toxic music out there! Thanks for checking in.


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