A long walk on the wild side

These five videos were culled from YouTube’s beyond the glory series. I confessed I wasn’t as bigger fan of his during the early years, but damn… you learn to appreciate game! And this man is a bona fide hall of famer and a great, great basket ball player.
Unfortunately his is a cautionary tale as well: Grew up fatherless, the child of an irresponsible knee-grow sperm donar. He grew up poor in a house with a domineering mother and sisters with strong personalities. Dude tried to find a love for him self by being a clown. His personal choices really obscured his genius for the game of basketball. Alas, he was also a commodity, a performing animal like every other highly melanated athletes. Used and discarded…still you play the hand you are dealt and you deal with the consequences of your actions.
If you get a chance read the first biography of his… not the later stuff that pandered to the ambulance chasers. That first book gave us a real peek into his white and painful place.
Check out the videos and witness the brilliance and the sadness all in one package!

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