The money system revisted

In my previous post I highlighted Sherry Peel Jackson and her journy from a IRA tax collector to educating  Americans about the oppression of their beloved government, to her being jailed and ill, expecting to die. Over the last several decades there has been a rising crecendo of voices decrying the acts of their government – elected mouth pieces-who have never spoken on behalf of the people, but on the behalf of a cabal of slithery snakes bent on a one world government with a Malthusian end game.
Yet there are people who have shown that while Malthus was concerned with the small corner of his world, the excuse that the One World perusers are pushing is nothing but an excuse to bring into effect their One World Government based on a higher form of this.
The great Neely Fuller wrote a book about the philosophy of White Supremacy, what it is, what it does and how it affects us, both Africans and those not African.
Yet the one thing that they have used to completely enslave us is said to be the one thing that supposedly makes the world go round. And this is the tool and weapon they have used for centuries to control us. At the end of the day in attempting to break awayfrom the matrix, ask your self… who is your god? what is your philosphy of life? What is your politics and what is your true religion?
Check out this 47 minute video, then ask your self those questions again.

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