Everybody hates Chris…..Bosh!


This season it has become a cottage industry theme, in the NBA, to hate on Chris Bosh the basketball player and person. I mean I can over stand the idiots in Toronto, who have drunk what GM Brian Colangelo, suck ass coach Jay Triano and Maple Leaf Entertainment (who own the Raptors) have sold to the gullible fans for 15 years. I can even somewhat – and this is stretching it- over stand the herd mentality of the sheeples in the “other” arenas, who delight in every little failures exhibited by the current Miami Heat team. Even to the point of manufacturing their own reasons for hating the three… free African men for joining together to seek a basketball championship. But I cannot over stand the shit that bitches like Charles Barkley and his ilk spews daily on Chris Bosh the Basketball player or even the team on a whole. But such is the mentality of negative people, people who are basically losers in life and has bins who seek one last kick at the can, by being the best media whore and sycophants out there.

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One thought on “Everybody hates Chris…..Bosh!

  1. Hi. I live in Canada.

    I think I speak for all Canadians when I ask:”who the Hell is Chris Bosh and why should anyone care?”

    He’s a Basketball Player is’nt he? That makes him just a little more interesting than a slug in Canadian sports terms.

    GO CANUCKS!!!!!!!!


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