When pigs crap on pigs

And other inane thoughts on the hurting business


Ever since the UFC became mainstream, an increasing amount of fans of that sport and casual, fair weather fans of boxing have decried the “demise” of perhaps one of the oldest martial science known in existence – next to grappling of course- which ironically is the main staple of the UFC and similar competition.

After reading the thoughts of many who have been around the sport for a period of time, as well as the emotional and less than insightful views of many more Johnny come lately pseudo experts, one can conclude that the alleged demise of boxing, whether wishful desire or not,  can be attributed to two main areas. The plethora of alphabet organizations that compete for credibility as the most legitimate; and the new kind of promoters who while more media savvy remain some of the more criminal of the entertainment industry (which all sport are).

For those who are ignorant of his-story in the corporation called America inc., boxing was not initially the sweet science full of purity we so foolishly pine for in an illusionary state of denial. As the previous video posting indicated, modern boxing which found its genesis in the feted bowls of the Brutish Empire was a backroom, dungeon and illegal venture, similar to cock fighting, dog fighting and similar blood sport.  Like all blood sports, it is usually controlled by moneyed thugs, or people with money who can pay people to protect their “investments”, even to the point of holding many of their performing “animals” in varied states of servitude until their best before dates have past.

Consequently I dismiss the diarrheic expunging of people who have never boxed, or those who maybe have boxed, but lack the over standing of the science of combat. , ex-fighters, no matter the level or skills, often either have an axe to grind, being just as susceptible to media propaganda as anyone else are also some of the least intelligent of combatant when it comes to the fighting arts, which boxing is really is.

These days one can’t throw an extremely corpulent man too far without hitting a boxing controversy or similar acts that have failed to satisfy too many people. Leading the charge for most intense and irrational fighting remains the camps (fans) of boxers Manny Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather jr., that rival the fabled excess of the Hatfield and McCoy fame in the land of the trees and home of the slaves. Modern boxing has always been a sport one quarter artfully athletic, one quarter horrifically brutal, one quarter filled with courage and one quarter human tragedy. The kind of competition boxing provides, it is amazing more people don’t die in the ring, than the small sample size provided us in the past. Although one death IS technically too much, this is the hurting business after all, it shouldn’t really be a surprise that the inside whisperings of steroids and performing enhancement as been rising in decibel and frequency.

There is an old saying back home, one should never “eat and shit in the same place!” If casual readers need a translation for this, then you are beyond help. These days boxing has become less about technical skills, but more about  brawling skilfully. Less the sweat science and more about two “manly men” standing toe to toe, bashing each other’s brains out, for the Roman legions in the coliseum. The suspected entrance of steroids and performance enhancers increases the chance of more death and more long term disability, if at this point this is possible.

Despite what “trader” Bob Arum lies about inconsistently, that being the real reason for the non fight between his indentured performer, Manny Pacquiao and the freed slave Floyd Mayweather, remains the un-willingness of the Pacquiao camp to undergo USAD STYLE drug testing. I emphasis style because idiots and more idiots are listening to this decades  biggest individual steroids dealer-Victor Conte, that USAD should be year round.  A note of distinction here for the ignorant; except for a few (which boxing is placed) Olympic athletes train year round, therefore the need for year round testing, particularly in track and field, where year round testing WAS created. Also, despite a few boxers staying in fighting shape year round, Mayweather and Bernard Hopkins are two noted ones; most boxers DON’T train year round. And even those two mentioned above, do more maintenance than actual intense training. This would be a recipe for burn out or injuries. Steroids rely on cycling. A period of maintenance, a build up phase, a competition phase and a recovery phase.

Steroids were originally created –outside of the Olympics- for body building and were done so to be monitored under strict medical supervision. The discovery of the tremendous advantage in offers, in all sports and in every day routine, created the underground market that cats like Victor Conte once openly ruled. Despite surfboarders or golfers taking steroids, to very little real effect, sports that required extensive use of the big muscle movements or collision, tend to be the barometers of steroids success; ie, most track and field endeavours, football, weight training/lifting, boxing, wrestling to name a few. Other sports like cycling or running above the 400 meters, rely more on epo or blood doping, as they are more oxygen infused endurance sports, than anything.

Contrary to the myth that is still being put out there, steroids does not give you the power to hit a home run, see a 90+ fast/curve/split finger ball coming at you. Steroids do not make you run 9.85, run 99 yards for a touchdown, dunk over a 7 ft tall behemoth, or be a precision and skilled boxer. If you don’t have the necessary talent, natural ability, elite raining or work ethic, steroids are really fool’s gold to the Don Quixote’s of the world, swinging at windmills.  Steroids ONLY and I cannot repeat that enough…ONLY, shortens your recovery time and prevents certain muscular break downs that you would find if you are not on it…or for that matter if you don’t practice proper diet, stretching, massage therapy, icing, etc. This brings us to the gist of this post and that is when pigs crap on pigs.  On fighthype.com, one of the more reasonable sites dedicated to boxing, comes the story of Alex Ariza and the Manny Pacquiao camp claiming that Juan Manuel Marquez’s new trainer is a past steroids abuser. The implication is that Marquez could only resort to enhancers to beat a man he could not and can never beat. The iron(y) is so thick one could end up being constipated. I laughed when Marquez came back with the line, test me! Can you see, “trader” Bob, Manny’s trainer and coach, who in the past were associated with steroids abuse and Manny himself who is a suspected steroids abuser by people long before the Mayweather camp jumped on it, can you see them demanding drug testing for Marquez?  People have even showed a picture of Juan Manuel Marquez, on the internet, looking bulkier and imply that this was a sign of steroids abuse. If this is in fact true, then Marquez needs to fire that trainer as he is training his fighter for body building instead of a power sport such as boxing. A similar kind of look they should go for would be of a sprinter, not the look that Marquez has. Keep in mind also, Juan Manuel is 38. The body tends to look different at 38 than 28 or even 18. Again, taking steroids without the right skills, talent or intelligent training is a moot point.

This also brings me to Victor Conte, a stank anus that can never shut itself. He is the type of opinionated assholes that Charles Barkley alluded to, that while everyone has one , not everybody wants to hear or even see one. Him implying that Floyd Mayweather is on steroids and is ducking Manny Pacquiao because USAD training is year round is deceitful and par for the course for a convicted and unrepentant drug pusher with messianic tendency. Messianic because he is putting it out there that only he can save the sport. I think sincerely that the farmers’ better lock up their chicken coop, as the fox is putting on his chicken outfit. I believe anybody, trained by Alex Ariza, Victor Conte, Guillermo Heredia and Freddy Roach, needs to be suspected in a sports that IS rampant with steroids abuse, dirty dealings, criminal elements, thieves and bad personalities, such as professional boxing.  I mentioned the above because of past association with steroids and their arrogant unrepentant stance as being better than the rest. While I doubt that Marquez will win this third fight, based on his age and the fact that the guy he is fighting  is knocking out and abusing bigger guys than him, it would crash the party and belief for Pacquiao being the best boxer in the world, if Marquez makes a good account of himself such as the last two Pacquiao-Marquez wars. I can see “trader” Bob and “cock” Roach crapping their pants over this.

Still when pigs crap on pigs, there is nothing more to do than to pinch your nose and move on. The stink is just too high for civilized folks to deal with.

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