Floyd Mayweather the artist as a man: Part II

In the eyes of many of today’s experts, boxer Floyd Mayweather is this generation’s best boxer. In fact here at blackmystory, Floyd Mayweather is considered as effective and iconic a figure as the great Jack Johnson and Muhammad Ali.  All three blew up at a time when boxing needed an infusion of new blood and the witnessing of a once in a generation talent. Of course there are differences that the less discerning will point to and seek to make a case as to why Mayweather is anything but iconic.  In all actuality, each men in their time periods are/were considered by many to be interlopers and not very special. Both Ali and to a lesser extent Johnson were considered, post career as iconic for the influence they have had that transcended the sport of boxing. Therefore the differences are but based on the viewers point of view and their level of emotional attachment or detachment with these men. Difference number one between the three:  Both the great Jack Johnson and Muhammad Ali were heavy weight fighters. Difference number two: Both heavy weights matriculated during a period of extreme tension, when it came to African hatred and tensions between Caucasians and Africans in this corporation called America Inc. The similarities though abound like I alluded to in the form of their dominance in the ring and their cult like status outside. Their cult status primarily rested on their dominance of each and every fighter of varying style and motivation. In the first two case and most memorable was the Johnson and Jefferies fiasco that more than anything highlighted America Inc. and its naked ass (Jim Crow) being shown to the world. In the case of Ali-Frazier it was the deep animosity that was created by the media to make the heavyweight champion a Christian, but ended up causing these two men to first damage their souls and their bodies.  Currently in the case of Floyd Mayweather, it was supposed to pit the Asian/Caucasian/knee-grow alliance against hip-hop, African arrogance and the image of none servile African man as a thug. Of course Juan Manuel Marquis single handily lifted up Pacquiao and Arum’s skirts and exposed their deficiencies before Mayweather could. All three men were so dominant that if you didn’t bring you’re “A” game to the ring, your night would be a short one. As well, while all three have often prolonged, or appear to prolong a fight, there is more than enough evidence of a mean streak in them. This came out on more than one occasion.

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